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Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance X8M

Oracle's Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance X8M is a pre-built data-protection solution that eliminates Oracle Database data-loss exposure throughout the enterprise. The Recovery Appliance continually protects customer databases by logging and validating all changes as they occur to ensure recoverability. This approach reduces backup time by eliminating the need for full backups and frees database server resources to focus on operational work.

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Product features

Oracle Database integrations

Real-time redo transport enables continuous data protection

Oracle Database changes are sent from database server memory to the Recovery Appliance, where they are logged in real-time, protecting customer databases with sub-second recovery point objectives.

Incremental-forever backups accelerate protection

Automated, incremental-forever backups protect customer databases up to 50X faster than traditional methods, as described in the Exelon video.

Backup validation improves recoverability

Recovery Appliance uses its knowledge of internal Oracle Database formats to validate backups during their creation, ensuring that customer databases are always recoverable.

Virtual full backups accelerate recoveries

Recovery Appliance automatically generates a virtual full backup at the start of the recovery process, enabling up to 8X faster recoveries compared with traditional approaches, as described in the Energy Transfer video.

Copy to cloud improves disaster recovery

Database administrators (DBAs) easily protect important databases in offsite locations using built-in abilities to copy them to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and then replicate them to remote Recovery Appliance systems.

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High availability and performance

Redundant design increases availability

A scalable design with no single-point-of-failure and fault resiliency allows IT teams to protect and recovery customer databases across component, server, and storage failures.

Proactive fault management increases availability

Built-in automation proactively tests storage devices for potential failures and repairs or disables them to ensure continuous availability of customer databases. Automatic logging of maintenance requests reduces system administrator workloads and accelerates repairs.

Scalability enables data protection as a service

Starting with 1.5 PB of virtual full backup capacity and easily scaling to as much as 170 PB of capacity, Recovery Appliance enables customers to flexibly increase capacity to protect databases throughout the enterprise.

High throughput protects enterprise databases

Recovery Appliance sustains up to 24 TB/hour of data-protection performance per rack, so database administrators (DBAs) can rapidly back up and recover customer databases. Each system can be scaled by 18X to provide 432 TB/hour throughput to meet customers’ enterprise-wide requirements.

Validation offload improves database performance

Optimizations with Oracle Database, including backup validation offload to the Recovery Appliance, reduce database server overhead by up to 25% (PDF) so customer’s production databases run at the highest possible performance during backups.

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Management integrations

Automated operations eliminate manual tasks

Recovery Appliance automation reduces database administrator (DBA) workloads, eliminating up to 80% of the manual tasks required to backup and recover a database, as described in Wikibon’s analysis (PDF).

Built-in integration lower costs

Built-in, full-stack integration reduces customers’ hardware requirements and management workloads, lowering total cost of ownership (TCO) by over 30% compared to traditional, purpose-built backup appliances.

Policy-based protection enhances recoverability

Database administrators (DBAs) define multiple tiers of data-protection policies and apply them to different classes of databases throughout the enterprise, optimizing recoverability while managing costs.

Unified cloud management simplifies database administration

Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control gives database administrators (DBAs) a complete, end-to-end view of the data-protection lifecycle, so they can quickly understand database status, identify issues, and take corrective actions.

Continuous monitoring simplifies compliance

Continuous monitoring of database recoverability with built-in alerting and report generation make it easier for enterprises to meet compliance requirements.

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Core capabilities

Protect Oracle Database on any platform

Recovery Appliance simplifies Oracle Database protection in customer data centers with backup, recovery, and archiving of databases running on Oracle engineered systems and virtually any server/operating system combination.

Centralized administration increases security

Centralized application of data-protection policies ensures that local database administrators (DBAs) can’t accidentally or maliciously delete backups, while role-based administration limits unauthorized access to them.

Automation reduces human errors

Automated database protection, validation, and recovery of customer databases eliminates many human errors, reducing by 98% the likelihood of database administrators (DBAs) having to do a manual recovery, as discussed in Wikibon’s analysis (PDF).

Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN) integration eliminates retraining

Database administrators (DBAs) utilize familiar RMAN techniques to protect and recover databases, simplifying the implementation of data protection as a service across the enterprise.

Archive integration enforces retention goals

Recovery goals are enforced on a per-database basis, so customers can customize replication to remote Recovery Appliances and archiving to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure or tape systems.

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Lower costs

Eliminating unplanned downtime increases revenue

Optimized recovery of Oracle databases enables customers to shorten unplanned outages and, as discussed in Wikibon’s analysis (PDF), reduce their revenue impact by up to 47% (PDF).

Consolidation reduces enterprise-wide costs

Consolidating enterprise-wide database protection eliminates inefficient, standalone solutions while cutting customers capital and operating expenses.

Incremental-forever backups reduce networking costs

Efficient server-side awareness of database changes dramatically reduces backup network traffic, lowering customers’ operational expenses.

Data reduction reduces storage costs

Database-aware compression and deduplication shrink storage requirements by up to 40%, reducing customers’ total cost of ownership, as discussed in Swisscom’s video.

Automation reduces administrative costs

Recovery Appliance automation improves database administrator (DBA) productivity and lowers costs by reducing the typical number of backup and recovery steps by more than 80%, as discussed in Wikibon’s analysis (PDF).

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Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance customer successes

Oracle’s Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance is used by customers around the world to protect crucial Oracle databases, consolidate data protection infrastructure, and reduce costs.

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Exelon reduces potential data loss and downtime for a 1 petabyte smart-meter data warehouse

Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance use cases

  • Limit the impact of cyberattacks

    Continually protect Oracle databases with secure systems and mitigate the impact of cyberattacks with rapid database recoveries to any point in time.

    Read the brief (PDF)

  • Improve database performance

    Continually protect Oracle databases with secure systems and mitigate the impact of cyberattacks with rapid database recoveries to any point in time.

    Watch the database administrator (DBA) video (1:44)

  • Reduce data loss exposure

    Automatically protect database change data as it is created and protect it with a highly available data- protection system to reduce the risk of short and long-term data loss.

    Watch the risk management video (1:30)

  • Centrally manage data protection

    Consistently protect Oracle databases across the enterprise with customer-defined recovery policies and use built-in monitoring to determine whether they are meeting their recoverability SLAs.

    Watch the IT management video (1:30)

  • Cut downtime costs in half

    Reduce the duration and financial impact of unplanned downtime with automated recoveries that take less time than with traditional backup and recovery appliances.

    Read the analysis (PDF)

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March 12, 2020

Database Cyberattack Protection with Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance

Tim Chien, Senior Director, Product Management, Oracle

As the premier Oracle Engineered System for database protection, Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance is fault-isolated from the production database, so if a cyberattack hits the database, the appliance is not compromised.

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