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Redefine best in HR

Be the employer workers expect

Businesses are suffering from high turnover and labor shortages. Disruptions in the supply chain are changing how we live. As life is changing, people are expecting more from their employers. They want them to be socially responsible and sustainable, to support their goals, to provide a safe working environment, and more. Employees and customers alike must be valued and treated with the same respect, and businesses that fail to do so risk losing both.

Give your people the employee experience they need

Employees want more—more flexibility, purpose, transparency, benefits, and pay. Does your employee experience measure up? Watch highlights or the full replay of "What Matters?" featuring Tiffanie Lewis, vice president of HR technology and service solutions at Diebold Nixdorf and Jason Averbook, cofounder and CEO of Leapgen.

Learn about our employee experience platform
Employee experience platform
DE&I a priority

Give your people the company culture they want

Organizations that are diverse, equitable, and inclusive attract workers with the same shared values. As employees and candidates rethink who they want to work for, committing to DE&I is more vital than ever.

Make DE&I a priority

Give your people a workplace that cares about their future

Candidates and employees alike care about sustainability. Make a positive impact and redefine what best looks like when it comes to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) standards. Show your people you care about the planet and its future.

Learn how you can help the planet (PDF)
No planet B report
Employes want to stay

Give your people a reason to stay

Show employees you value them. Invest in their growth by providing them with opportunities to develop new skills and gain new experiences within your organization.

Help employees learn and grow (PDF)