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Oracle Global Human Resources

Effectively manage a global workforce. Plan, manage, and optimize global people processes with a single common data source. Make better decisions, personalize your employee experiences, and leverage highly configurable workflows that offer scalability and localization.

Discover Oracle Global HR in this Quick Tour.

Explore Global Human Resources

Core Human Resources

End-to-end HR

Hire, onboard, manage, and engage workers in accordance with legal and company practices.

On-demand information

Give workers secure, self-service, mobile-responsive options to manage personal data, PTO, payslips, and more.

Global and local coverage

Stay compliant across more than 200 countries and jurisdictions with legislative functionality built for global requirements.

Industry and union support

Use rule-driven workflows to simplify management of unique industry, union, collective labor, and contract agreements.

Position management

Manage headcount and budgets with a complete picture of open and filled positions, including global assignments.



Benefits programs

Provide flexible programs to meet specific benefit requirements and plans for your organization.

Rates and coverage

Calculate and manage plan rates for each employee group with complete integration to Oracle Payroll.

Self-service enrollment

Guide employees through the benefits process with an intuitive landing page and enrollment flow.


Directory and networking

Integrate your employee directory and organization chart with personal employee profile pages, making it easier to find your peers and foster cross-functional collaboration.

LinkedIn profile import

Give employees an easy way to enhance their personal profile by quickly importing their LinkedIn profile information.

My Team

Enable managers to easily access information about their teams’ background, interests, skills, and aspirations, from any device.

Workforce Modeling

Predictive analytics

Organize workers by their predicted risk of leaving, so you can focus on retaining your best performers.

Team performance

Determine the impact of changes, such as promotions or time off, on team and individual performance.

Workforce planning

Leverage prebuilt modeling attributes that make it easy to create or update workforce plans and adapt to change.

Strategic Workforce Planning

"What if" modeling

Leverage drag-and-drop tools to understand the impact of each decision across HR, finance, and operations.

Real-time collaboration

Create and edit planning scenarios, with full visibility into concurrent planning by other organizational leaders.


Empower analysts to quickly create, manage, and visualize data from Microsoft Excel within Oracle HCM.


HR Help Desk

Case management

Submit inquiries via multiple channels, including digital assistant, SMS, and social platforms, for automatic routing and fast replies.

Service request analytics

Clearly identify which type of cases and inquiries are trending, enabling you to proactively resolve broader issues.

Data privacy

Leverage a solution built and fully managed by HR to ensure that sensitive employee data stays private and protected.

Knowledge repository

Empower employees to quickly find the answers they need through an intuitive knowledgebase.

Contextual collaboration

Enable collaboration within each case via conversations and document sharing among stakeholders.

Absence data analytics

Reduce costs by tracking absence trends and areas of low productivity for optimization.


Product essentials—HR Service Delivery (4:34)

Work Life

My Volunteering

Provide personalized volunteering recommendations so employees can connect with what matters to them most.

My Brand

Empower employees to develop their influence and brand with insights based on social media connections and reach.

My Wellness

Create activities and contests to positively impact employees’ energy, productivity, and overall wellbeing.


Advanced HCM Controls

Fraud and error prevention

Use AI-driven algorithms to automatically identify and respond to anomalies such as ghost employees and payroll changes.

Sensitive access certification

Keep HR data safe and simplify compliance with automatic certifications for accessing sensitive data or processes.

Secure role design

Use prebuilt best practice rules, or configure your own, to enforce policies across HR processes.

Deep SOD (segregation of duties) analysis

Meet regulatory requirements with visibility into roles and privileges using fine-grain SOD analysis.


Digital Assistant

Conversational user experience

Get the answers and information you need by simply asking the digital assistant, in your own words, via text or speech.

Extensive skills library

Handle most HR questions and activity requests from employees and managers with more than 35 skills—and growing.

Flexible and extensible

Modify delivered skills, wordings, and even add your own questions and answers to align the experience with your culture.

Multi-channel interaction

Enjoy greater flexibility by connecting with the digital assistant through SMS, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and more.

Multilanguage support

Empower teams across the globe to engage in their own language.


Experience Design Studio

Your data, your way

Configure workflows and validate data based on company policies and local legislative requirements.

Personalized view

Present data and processes differently based on user parameters including role, country, legal entity, or business unit.

No coding required

Empower HR with easy-to-use tools to configure and manage adaptive business processes without the help of IT.

Best practices as rules

Leverage pre-built rules to begin defining key workflows including promotions, transfers, location changes, and more.

Better data = better decisions

Improve the accuracy of data received to support AI-enabled decision making and analytics across the system.


View all customer successes

Human Capital Management customer successes

Customers in a wide variety of industries use Oracle HCM Cloud in their business.

Schneider Electric
Emblem Health
Man standing and looking at the camera wearing a black jacket and black baseball cap

See how The Fedcap Group empowers HR and finance with Oracle Cloud

Key benefits

  • Create a best-in-class human experience

    Offer self-service abilities, mobile-responsive tools, and intuitive processes to support the success of your workforce.

    Work made human (1:58)

  • Enable digital transformation with a complete, easy-to-use suite

    Standardize HR processes, make data-driven decisions, and simplify workflows to drive innovation across teams.

    The future of HR

  • Easily configure HR processes to your needs

    Design and configure your HR workflows to support specific business needs, without the help of IT.

    Product essentials—Experience Design Studio (3:17)

  • Simplify the complexity of supporting represented workers

    Update contracts, recalculate timecards, and adjust payroll with workflows that support the most complex requirements.

    Product essentials—Represented Workers (4:11)


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