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News and Opinion

5G Automation and Intelligent Edge, Intelligent OSS

May 2022

In an interview with FutureNet World, Oracle's Piyush Sarwal offers insights into intelligent automation for network and service operations.

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What does the current and future 5G Standalone market look like? A Q&A with Oracle Communications


In this interview with RCR Wireless, Oracle's Andrew De La Torre provides a glimpse into where the telecom industry stands with 5G Standalone and its future.

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Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband Now Lit Up at the Oracle Industry Lab


With Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband, the Oracle Industry Lab brings ultra-fast wireless speeds and new immersive experiences to life.

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5G Core: Your Best Bet for the Future


Oracle Communications has partnered with Dell Technologies and VMware to create a validated 5G core solution designed for CSPs.

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Three crucial changes in cloud-native networks: A Q&A with Oracle


Oracle's Matt Beal explains to RCR Wireless how cloud native solutions are helping CSPs with the increasing complexity of 5G networks.

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Real-time CX and the Customer-Adaptive Future of Service Charges


The experts at Oracle Communications explain how customer-adaptive charging is key for 5G.

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For operationalizing and managing 5G, automation is key


In this episode of RCR Wireless' podcast series Will 5G Change the World?, Oracle’s Anil Rao discusses the complexities associated with operationalizing 5G and why automation is key.

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A new age of “co-creation”


Oracle's Jason Rutherford explains how CSPs can partner across industries to develop innovative solutions.

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Vodafone UK taps Oracle Communications to support 5G network core


Oracle cloud native network policy solution was selected to help Vodafone accelerate new 5G services.

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Heathrow Airport chooses Oracle’s BRM system to support high volume transactions


Oracle Billing Revenue Management (BRM) was chosen to support Heathrow’s high volume aeronautical billing transactions with the airlines.

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5G is here: Why service providers are turning to Oracle


Oracle's Andrew Morawski explains how we are enabling carriers to go beyond connectivity with 5G and cloud technology that will make a lasting business impact.

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Introducing Oracle Cloud for Telcos – Redefining the Telco


Oracle Cloud for Telcos offers a comprehensive set of cloud solutions built on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

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Oracle Scales Up Converged Charging to Serve 100 Million Subscribers


Multi-site deployment validates geographical scale and real-time charging efficiency of Oracle Cloud Scale Charging on OCI.

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Oracle buys Federos


The acquisition extends Oracle Communications’ application portfolio by adding AI-optimized assurance, analytics, and automation solutions to manage the availability and performance of critical networks and systems.

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Survey Highlights Key Components to Provide Enterprises with an Easier Path to IoT Adoption


Oracle study of 800 global IoT adopters agree that prioritizing commercial off-the-shelf solutions and bundled connectivity are the way forward.

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BH Telecom Recharges Monetization Capabilities with Oracle


Oracle’s online charging and targeted promotion features help leading Balkan service provider grow prepaid revenue and prepare for 5G.

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Most Communications Service Providers Feel Unprepared to Charge for 5G Services


New research from Oracle Communications examines 5G readiness and plans for monetization among global service providers.

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The IoT Community Announces Oracle as a Diamond-Level Corporate Member, and Oracle Communications SVP and GM Joins IoT Community Board


Andrew Morawski, SVP/GM, Oracle Communications, Networks, is appointed to the IoT Community Advisory Board to offer insights and expertise on the next phase of industrial IoT.

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BT Partnership with Oracle Will Help Bring the Latest 5G Innovation to Customers


BT will leverage Oracle’s cloud native converged policy solution to make it easier for engineers to design, test, and deploy new services across both 4G and 5G networks.

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Charging’s Pivotal Role in the Digital Transformation of the Communications Industry


Oracle explains how digital transformation continues to be a mission-critical objective and key result for communications service providers to increase revenues and remain relevant.

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Network Visibility: What It Means and How to Achieve It


Oracle weighs in on how network visibility technology provides deep insights into everything within and moving through the enterprise network.

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Telecom Fiji Taps Oracle Policy Management to Deliver DX Across Mobile and Fixed Networks


Learn why the leading South Pacific island service provider has turned to Oracle to further its policy management solutions and bring its customers more customized service plans.

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How Cloud Gaming Can Be the First 5G Killer App


For service providers, 5G killer apps, such as cloud gaming, are creating new business models and revenue streams. Here's how to monetize them.

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5G Networks Are Blazing Fast—Charging Needs to Keep Up


Jason Rutherford, SVP/GM, Oracle Communications, Applications, explains how converged charging enables service providers and their partners to fully monetize 5G’s business potential by allowing them to launch new products and services faster.

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Oracle Wins Telenor Business in Asia


To support its mobile and next-generation 5G services across Asia, Telenor has chosen Oracle Communications’ cloud native converged charging and billing solution.

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TM Forum Urges Rapid Industry Collaboration as ODA Reaches Next Milestone with First Cloud Native Software Component Specifications


Oracle is collaborating with industry peers as part of the next critical phase of TM Forum’s Open Digital Architecture (ODA) initiative, which is focused on delivering cloud native software component specifications to deliver plug-and-play IT and networks.

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MYCOM OSI and Oracle Collaborate to Offer Network Orchestration and Assurance Solution for 5G Operators


This new partnership provides service providers with strategic closed-loop automation and correlation across network and business layers of 5G networks.

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Vodafone Business Taps Oracle to Extend IoT and Industrial IoT Supporting New Services and Business Models


Learn why Vodafone has tapped Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management for its monetization and charging capabilities to enable a wide range of IoT-driven services and business models.

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Oracle Challenges SAP, Microsoft, Salesforce Over Industry-Cloud Suites


Learn why Cloud Wars' Bob Evans says Oracle’s complete suites of vertical-market applications, including the Oracle Digital Experience for Communications product suite, will likely give Oracle "significant new momentum in the vertical-solutions marketplace."

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Oracle VP on 5G Networks: 'It's Evolution Rather Than Revolution'


Tune in to this podcast interview with Andrew De La Torre, GVP of technology, Oracle Communications, for insights into how 5G networks differ from 4G, the effect COVID-19 has had on 5G network deployment, the role of the edge in 5G, and exciting 5G use cases on the horizon.

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Oracle’s Jason Rutherford on How to Use Digital Transformation to Take Your Company to the Next Level


Jason Rutherford, SVP/GM, Oracle Communications, Applications, shares his career journey and his thoughts on reimagining business and creating the best possible customer experience with cloud native technology.

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The Future of Communication Technology


Andrew Morawski, SVP/GM, Oracle Communications, Networks, shares how Oracle’s technological innovations will shake up how we connect and communicate with one another.

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