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Elevate Cruise Technology to Best in Class with Oracle Hospitality Integrators

Accelerate innovation and customize cruise technology by collaborating with hospitality partners and integrators. With our open APIs, you can tap into best-of-breed solutions to deliver exceptional experiences.

The New Next in Cruise Partners

netTALK logo

An app based and back-end system deployed on vessels focused on communications, onboard location based marketing and health systems.

Samola Systems
Samola Systems logo

Global IT solutions provider with products like zCare, a guest greet and meet application with IoT-enabled safety devices.

eCruise logo

eCruise is your strategic partner to quickly solve exigent software problems and help you develop the tools and experience to prevent these problems from happening again.

CruiseVision logo

Film and photo production on cruise liners.

Xcontrol logo

The cruise industry's preferred software development partner with products like iCafe, Cruise Media Center, and more.

Seacare logo

SeaCare health management platform.

Codefit logo

Eight years of experience in providing solutions for cruise ships.

GetSlash logo

Tailoring experiences to your individual needs by providing highly customizable technology products.

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