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Improve Guest Satisfaction by Orchestrating Kitchen Efficiency

Oracle MICROS Kitchen Display Systems (KDS) simplifies communication and processes, increases productivity, and seamlessly manages orders from the dining room and mobile platforms. KDS increases order accuracy, enhances food quality, and improves speed of service.

Oracle MICROS Kitchen Display Systems
Superb Kitchen Performance

Superb Kitchen Performance

  • Show all orders on easily readable display screens, eliminating paper tickets
  • Enable seamless communication between the kitchen, the host, the waitstaff, and the bar
  • Display recipe cards and photos to improve kitchen staff productivity
  • Accurately track order times and status to increase speed of service
  • Enable management to make adjustments based on real-time performance metrics
  • Variety of heat and spill-resistant hardware options to suit any environment
Success Stories

Kitchen Display Resources

Margaritas Boosts Efficiency with Real-time Analytics

Margaritas Increases Efficiency with Oracle Hospitality KDS

COO Hugo Marin explains how Oracle MICROS Kitchen Display Systems delivers analytic and management benefits to Margaritas, a full-service Mexican restaurant.

City Café Boosts Sales by 5 Percent and Increases Kitchen Efficiency

City Café Bets on Innovation and Increases Profits with Oracle Hospitality

City Café increases kitchen operational efficiency and streamlines guest service with Oracle MICROS Kitchen Display Systems.

Oracle MICROS Express Station 400

Oracle MICROS Express Station 400

The new Oracle MICROS Express Station 400 builds on an industry-proven hardware platform, providing an integrated design built to increase efficiency and reliability for kitchen applications.

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