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POS Hardware Built Sturdy, Smart, and Stylish for Restaurants

Restaurant are tough on technology. From spills and drops to extreme temperature environments, you need a hardware solution with modern features that can also withstand the demands of hard day-to-day use. Maximize your investment with a POS terminal designed to last. Our hardware is purpose-built for the restaurant environment with the processing power, payment capabilities, and durability you need to operate at the speed of your business. It also looks good, featuring a stylish, modern design and slim footprint.

Oracle MICROS Workstation 6

Sleek, Rugged, and Reliable

  • Spill-resistant and built to withstand extreme temperatures
  • Durable design features and no moving parts extend the life of the workstation
  • Flexible configurations meet a wide variety of restaurant needs
  • Delivers digital content to both staff and guests for modernized experience
  • Compatible with an extensive list of certified peripherals
Success Stories

Hear from our Customers

STICKS N SUSHI Delivers Flawless Service

STICKS N SUSHI Delivers Flawless Service

Watch the sleek design of the Workstation 6 blend perfectly with the upscale atmosphere at STICKS N SUSHI.

Aloha, Flexibility! Mina Group Chooses Oracle POS Hardware

Aloha, Flexibility! Mina Group Chooses Oracle POS Hardware

The Street Food Hall by Michael Mina enjoys the flexibility, speed, and enhanced guest experience that Oracle MICROS Workstation 6 point of sale hardware has to offer.

Dynamic Hardware Delivers Speed and Performance for The Boiling Crab

Dynamic Hardware Delivers Speed and Performance for The Boiling Crab

Oracle MICROS Workstation 6 provides The Boiling Crab with a sleek, reliable, and flexible hardware solution.

Operate with Confidence

Oracle MICROS Workstation 6 Series Family delivers tailored solutions for business needs, modernizes staff experience, and withstands the day-to-day abuse common in hospitality settings.

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