Oracle IT Infrastructure


Engineered for the Cloud

Cloud is fast becoming the new operational model for IT, and it’s transforming how business gets done. Now’s the time to optimize for today and plan for tomorrow, with IT infrastructure that’s ready for the cloud when you are. Only Oracle provides a single architecture with three consumption models: on premises, cloud at customer, and public cloud.

All three infrastructure models are uniquely optimized for Oracle Database and Oracle software, helping you deliver superior results today, with a path to the cloud tomorrow.

Ensure You're Cloud-Ready

Prepare for a cloud future.

Every business will eventually move to a cloud model. Oracle's single architecture works seamlessly across on-premises environments and Oracle Public Cloud to deliver a complete solution, so you won't have to force-fit incompatible components from multiple vendors.

Oracle IT infrastructure streamlines operations, allowing you to run faster, better, and at lower cost. Plus, you can extend to Oracle Public Cloud whenever you need it.

From interviews with experts to customer success stories, explore how Oracle is transforming organizations on their journey to cloud.

Protect the Digital Enterprise

Ensure data security.

Enterprise data protection has grown unwieldy, with various vendors claiming to protect an enterprise’s data—and none of them doing a particularly good job of addressing mission-critical data recoverability requirements.

Oracle focuses on your complete data recovery needs, helping you eliminate data loss, cut recovery times, and reduce IT complexity—while ensuring data security and positioning your enterprise to seamlessly take advantage of the cloud.

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Your Cloud, Your Way

Only Oracle provides a single architecture with three consumption models: on premises, cloud at customer, and public cloud.


On-Premises IT

  • Keep your business-critical applications on premises.

    • Reduce cost and complexity
    • Simplify operations
    • Empower innovation
    • Have a clear path to the cloud
  • Customer data center Customer data center
  • Purchased Purchased
  • Customer-managed Customer-managed

Cloud at Customer

  • Consume Oracle applications as a service behind your firewall and pay only for what you need, for complete flexibility.

    • Bring Oracle Cloud to your own data centers
    • Combine cloud simplicity with on-premises deployment
    • Increase productivity and reduce costs
    • Choose a flexible subscription, fully managed by Oracle
  • Customer data center Customer data center
  • Subscription Subscription
  • Oracle-managed Oracle-managed

Oracle Public Cloud

  • The most complete public cloud offering for modern business

    • Complete, integrated SaaS suites enabling modern business transformations
    • Standards-based PaaS to build, deploy, migrate, and manage applications
    • IaaS delivering versatility, performance, governance, and predictable pricing
  • Oracle Cloud Oracle Cloud
  • Subscription Subscription
  • Oracle-managed Oracle-managed

IT Infrastructure Products

Engineered Systems

The best systems to run your Oracle software at the lowest overall cost.

Oracle engineered systems simplify your IT infrastructure and improve database, applications, and analytics performance. They combine software, storage, compute, and networking hardware to save time and IT resources.

Exadata Database Machine

The highest performing, most available architecture for Oracle Database, providing a straightforward, cloud-ready deployment.

Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance

A data protection solution that eliminates data loss exposure and dramatically reduces data protection overhead.

Database Appliance

The lowest-cost entry into Oracle Engineered Systems, ensuring substantial savings in licensing without comprising performance.

Big Data Appliance

A unique, cloud-ready, big-data platform capable of delivering the smart data insights and rapid time to value you need.

Exalogic Elastic Cloud

A data-center building block that integrates compute, networking, and storage hardware with virtualization, operating system, and management software.

Exalytics In-Memory Machine

Best-in-class, enterprise business-intelligence (BI) platform with unmatched intelligence, simplicity, and manageability.


A simple and efficient engineered system designed to run enterprise databases and applications with uncompromising security ideal for remote offices, small offices, and DevOps environments.

Private Cloud Appliance

Supports consolidation for a wide range of mixed workloads in medium-to-large data centers, whether you are running Linux, Microsoft Windows, or Oracle Solaris applications.


A complete, scalable, and secure cloud infrastructure for database and applications with efficiency and performance and near-zero-overhead, secure multitenancy, and private-cloud management tools.

Enterprise Servers

Servers that deliver on every front.

Oracle’s enterprise servers deliver the highest levels of performance. Built-in hardware and software redundancy protects your business from unplanned interruptions and comprehensive end-to-end security protects your data from malware and unauthorized access.

SPARC Servers

The foundation for building the most secure, efficient, and mission-critical clouds.

Oracle's x86 Systems

The best platform for running Oracle software where x86 architectures are required.

Fujitsu SPARC Servers

High-performance and mission-critical RAS that scale to support enterprise applications and cloud computing.

Oracle Rack Cabinets

This robust and cost- effective family of racks is optimized for vertical density and provides a uniform appearance in your data center.

Infrastructure Software

Build your cloud on flexible foundations.

With our industry-leading operating systems and virtualization solutions, you can build open, cloud-ready applications that can scale from on-premises environments to the cloud. Add our flexible support options to ensure the expertise you need is always on hand.

Storage Solutions

Enjoy low cost, ultra-fast performance.

On premises or in the cloud, Oracle’s industry-leading storage solutions help you accelerate applications and databases, improve data resiliency, and reduce operating costs. Automation and analytics help increase management productivity and save time.

Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance

A data-protection solution that eliminates data loss exposure and dramatically reduces overhead.

ZFS Storage Appliance

High-performance, unified storage for all your application, database, and data-protection needs.

Oracle’s StorageTek Tape Automation

An affordable archive and data-protection solution designed for easy integration with the cloud.


Increase agility and responsiveness.

Oracle's networking and data center fabric products allow you to connect servers and storage seamlessly, markedly reducing cost and complexity.

Optimized Solutions

Tuned for optimal performance.

Deployable as complete solutions or as part of an existing environment, Oracle Optimized Solutions will save you money, reduce integration risks, and improve user productivity. Based on Oracle’s systems, servers, and applications, they’re tuned for optimal performance and availability.

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