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Establishing a modern operating system for healthcare

The future of health centers around connecting data with care to cultivate a better future—for your organization, your people, and the communities you serve.

Deloitte and Oracle bring the experience and technology that will help connect the healthcare ecosystem and create a modern, human-centric health operating system. Where personalized care is equitable, and available to all, with empowered healthcare professionals providing the best that modern care has to offer, leading to healthier, happier, and more productive communities.

Exclusively from MIT Technology Review Insights: A new operating system for health care

Building a System of Health for the Future

Healthcare as we know it today is evolving rapidly–with a fundamental shift from “health care” to “health.” It is not surprising therefore, that the industry is currently undergoing disruption and is reconstructing around innovation and empowered consumers. The future will be focused on wellness and managed by organizations that assume new roles to drive value in the transformed health ecosystem.

With new priorities, challenges, and opportunities, choosing the right platform technology that is innovative and sustainable becomes increasingly essential. Deloitte has collaborated with Oracle to deliver a modern platform to compete and thrive as the entire industry moves toward the future of health.

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Preparing your organization for the future of health care

Health care leaders from Deloitte Consulting LLP and Oracle Health sit down with MIT Technology Review to examine the opportunity of rapidly evolving technologies and the potential rewards that await organizations well-prepared to adapt.

Deloitte and Oracle Transforming Healthcare

A Vision for the Future of Healthcare

Deloitte Health, Oracle Accelerated

Is your organization ready for the future of health? When you work with Deloitte and Oracle, you are creating a platform for acceleration, ideation, and transformation in your healthcare organization. You are harnessing deep industry experience, innovative technologies, and powerful solutions. You are creating a better future—for your organization, your people, and your patients. The next big idea, the next iteration and the next competitive advantage are closer than you think with Deloitte and Oracle.

April 18, 2023

Deloitte and Oracle Collaborate to Deliver Better, More Connected Health Systems

By expanding technology offerings, we can help organizations achieve their vision of digitally-enabled, intelligent systems. Learn how Oracle and Deloitte are working to deliver proactive and connected care.

Providence consolidates entire health system onto the Oracle Cloud Platform

To transform their business processes, support their vision of “Health for a Better World,” and support their mission in “serving all, especially those who are poor and vulnerable,” Providence launched the Genesis program—consolidating the entire health system onto a single software platform: Oracle Cloud.

Northwell Health streamlines Covid-19 staffing with Oracle

Northwell Health implements Oracle Analytics with Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM to automate processes and prepare for possible Covid-19 resurgence.

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