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License & Hardware Track

Designed for partners who either build, service, or sell Oracle software licenses or hardware products.

Enable Your Business for Success

The License & Hardware Partner Journey

The License & Hardware partner journey is for you if your go-to-market efforts are focused on the Oracle software license and hardware portfolio.

Get Started with Foundational Training and Tools

Join the Oracle PartnerNetwork community and explore opportunities for your business through foundational benefits. Becoming an OPN Member will better enable you to decide which OPN track(s) best fits your business, and serves as a prerequisite to track enrollment.

  • Enrollment with Signed Agreement
  • OPN Member Fee: $500 USD (plus tax, if applicable)
  • Oracle 1-Click Products Resell
  • Eligibility to publish application and solution listings in Oracle Cloud Marketplace
  • 1-Click Products Demo and Development Licenses
  • Oracle University Discount
  • Limited Technical Support
  • Partner Member Logo
  • OPN Portal
  • Partner Newsletter

Select the License & Hardware Track and Get Enabled

By selecting the License & Hardware Track, you will be provided with a set of focused enablers to support your Oracle On-Premises license and hardware business. These enablers, designed to help you achieve an Expertise within the License & Hardware Track, include technology resell rights, development and demo licenses, skills transfer offerings, sales & marketing resources, and more.

  • Active OPN Member *
  • Track Fee: $3,000 USD (plus tax, if applicable)

* With current applicable distribution contractual documents

Achieve Expertise and Go-to-Market

Showcase your capabilities in one or more focus areas with Expertise and become preferred by customers. Partners with Expertise unlock an entire new set of go-to-market benefits enabling them to successfully take their solutions and services to market. Review detailed Expertise qualifiers and enablers from the Expertise Catalog.

Video: Why Achieve Expertise (1:51)

  • Varies by Expertise
  • Hardware and Applications Resell
  • Technical Support
  • Joint Marketing Activities
  • License & Hardware Expertise Logo & Press Release
  • Eligible for Incentives

ISV Hybrid Expansion Accelerator

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