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Oracle Supply Chain Management Events

When things change fast, you need to innovate for resilience and growth. Stay plugged into the latest news, trends, solutions, and technologies for global supply chains with Oracle’s SCM events. Let industry thought leaders, Oracle customers, and product experts give you the insights to respond to change.

Featured event

Redefine Best in a World of Change

Lessons from the Cloud’s Early Adopters to Today’s Innovators

Finance and operations innovators at leading companies share how Oracle Cloud Applications help them stay a step ahead of change. Learn how they’re defining “best.”

Upcoming Supply Chain Management Events


Redefine Best Demo Series

Our Redefine Best Demo Series will feature the latest innovations in ERP, EPM, SCM and analytics. In these 30-minute demos, you’ll get an up-close look at the Oracle Fusion Cloud solutions that can help you reach your “best”.

On-demand SCM events

All Oracle SCM events are available here for streaming at your convenience. Learn about the strategies, best practices, and technologies that help your company stay ahead in constantly changing times.

Oracle Live: Connect Your Enterprise with AI-Driven Analytics

Oracle is helping companies in every industry better control the levers that guide their business—across finance, supply chain, operations, and human resources—with AI-driven analytics.

In this 30-minute demo, let us show you how connecting Scenario and Supply Chain Planning in the Oracle Cloud can move your business forward.

See how enterprise data management capabilities such as data governance, change data visualization, and hierarchy management give leaders the agility to adapt to change.

In this demo, you'll learn how Oracle Product Lifecycle Management can help you innovate and get to market faster.

Discover how Oracle's advanced modeling solutions analyze what-if scenarios across your transportation and logistics networks, so you can make better, faster decisions.

See the cloud solutions that can create and grow a modern omnichannel environment, so you can give customers an effortless buying experience and fulfill orders quickly.

In this 30-minute demo, you'll gain real-time visibility into shipment locations and the condition of goods, and even predict the time of arrival for shipments.

Integrity and Authenticity Drive Chipotle’s Business Transformation

Chipotle advances sustainability and growth with Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP and SCM.

Business Leaders Share: Why We Switched to Oracle Applications

Steve Miranda examines the future of business with leaders from The Kroger Company, Mondelēz International, TTX Company, and others who switched to Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications, the world’s most complete, connected SaaS suite.

Grupo Bimbo Scales to Migrate to Oracle Cloud

Global Leader in baking industry simultaneously migrates ERP, HCM, and SCM in 33 countries.

Western Digital Finance VP Reimagines Business in the Cloud

Learn how Western Digital re-imagined its business with Oracle Cloud ERP, EPM, and SCM, with expert guidance from Deloitte.

Manufacturing in the New Next: A Data-driven Look at How Digital, Smart and Sustainability are Enabling Growth

Listen to our 3-part webinar series on Manufacturing in the New Next, where we share insights from our research and you can learn how to accelerate your journey to the new next.

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