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The digital thread for product innovation

Traditional, on-premises business applications can’t manage the complexities and collaboration required to develop, launch, and service global products or support product-as-a-service offerings. Unlocking more value starts by aligning all your processes and data on one platform. Oracle’s integrated suite of cloud applications is designed to deliver continuous innovation—from product innovation, digital supply chain, manufacturing, and service delivery.

Oracle Cloud lets data flow whenever and wherever a good idea happens. (2:09)

Read five continuous innovation strategies infographic New product development and innovation strategies

Learn digital transformation strategies to connect product lifecycle management (PLM), manufacturing, service, and SCM innovations in the cloud.

Take a product tour Take a product tour

View how Oracle Cloud PLM delivers the digital thread to help drive faster, high quality innovation through commercialization.

Get started: First steps and how to guides for continuous product innovation

How to: Turn great ideas into valuable innovations

How to: Plan for faster innovation with a 360-degree view

How to: Produce personalized offerings to quickly and continuously meet customer needs

How to: Make new service-oriented business models profitable

Get started with Oracle Cloud

Demo Series: Move your supply chain forward

Get an up-close look at the Oracle Fusion Cloud SCM solutions that are powering performance in these 30-minute demos. Click below for details on live and on-demand sessions.

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