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Perfect delivery

Whether it’s a business or an individual, everyone wants to place orders quickly, at the price they are willing to pay. They want the products available and delivered when they want them—without damage. And they want to pay the invoice effortlessly.

Oracle Fusion Cloud Supply Chain Management and Manufacturing (SCM) helps you orchestrate orders and returns, deliver with agile logistics, and effectively manage global trade requirements.

oracle supply chain and manufacturing video

Perfect delivery overview

Learn how Oracle Cloud SCM can help your deliveries arrive complete, on time, undamaged, and with proper documentation. See how it works.

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Perfect Delivery: The New Rules for Survival, Innovation, and Growth

illustration of global supply chain

This brief from industry experts, ARC Advisory Group, examines the challenges organizations face in achieving the perfect order today and discusses opportunities to improve customer satisfaction and lower risk cost-effectively with integrated cloud SCM solutions.

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How to improve customer satisfaction with perfect delivery

Perfect Delivery illustration - a robotic arm delivering a package to a person's front door

This business brief examines the four foundations to accomplish the perfect delivery and how the cloud enables companies to unify the customer order process across channels, effectively orchestrate and fulfill orders, and drive customer loyalty and satisfaction.

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How to guides

How to Boost Customer Experience with Frictionless Order Orchestration

Perfect order fulfillment every time delivers higher customer satisfaction and recurring business.

How to Streamline Your Global Trade Processes and Ensure Seamless Product Delivery

Errors in paperwork cause delays and demurrage. Find out how Oracle Global Trade Management can help reduce those costs.

How to Prepare Your Logistics Network to Adapt to Disruptions

To minimize shipping delays, companies need early visibility and flexibility across their logistics network as well as the ability to model scenarios.

4 Ways to Execute the Perfect Delivery

Learn about the four essentials of perfect delivery.

Hear from customers moving forward with Oracle Cloud SCM

Accelerate your move with Oracle Cloud.

Oracle Cloud SCM Virtual Summits

Oracle Cloud SCM Virtual Summits feature keynotes, thought leaders, best practices, and customer stories for supply chain leaders. Click below to see details on live and on-demand sessions.

Drive supply chain performance

Check out the latest insights the leaders are sharing.

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