Sustainable Supply Chain

Design environmentally friendly products, source materials responsibly, and manufacture and transport products in a sustainable way. Oracle Fusion Cloud Supply Chain Management helps reduce environmental impacts while saving costs and delivering higher levels of service.

See how you can start building sustainable supply chain operations

Embed sustainable supply chains into business operations

Adopt circular economy strategies with a more sustainable supply chain.

Reuse and recycle

Design for the environment

Find opportunities to use recycled materials in product design, packaging, and manufacturing.

Plan and support circular processes

Run simulations and leverage scenario planning to easily identify demand and supply changes and understand the environmental impact of manufacturing and end-of-life scenarios.

Drive supply chain efficiency

Improve demand accuracy and reduce obsolete inventory.

Transparency and traceability

Ethically source materials

Improve visibility across the supplier network and ensure fair trade compliance by maintaining a sustainable ecosystem of suppliers and partners.

Drive efficiency with smart manufacturing

Monitor factory efficiency and analyze productivity to reduce unplanned downtime and outages.

Ensure traceability and sustainable best practices

Maintain visibility into the end-to-end supply chain, including how responsibly products and materials are sourced, produced, shipped, and distributed.

Minimize waste

Build factories of the future

Drive measurable sustainability outcomes by adapting low-carbon manufacturing, detecting underutilized assets, and using renewable resources.

Rethink packaging

Design packaging that minimizes waste and maximizes transportation efficiency.

Track cargo conditions

Gain visibility into product and cargo conditions in transit, minimizing spoilage and ensuring products arrive in perfect condition.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Reduce emissions-intensive shipments

Lower your carbon footprint by optimizing shipment capacity and routes and minimizing the deployment of empty trucks.

Drive performance improvement

Combat climate change by measuring energy consumption across your entire supply chain operations, from planning to execution.

Maximize space utilization

Conserve energy by driving space and location efficiencies across the factory floor, distribution centers, and transportation modes.

Track environmental impact

Calculate greenhouse gas emissions and the environmental attributes of products

Assess suppliers’ emissions intensity and carbon footprints; support sustainable sourcing and consumption by capturing product attributes such as biodegradability, recyclability, energy efficiency, water efficiency, and indoor air emissions.

Track environmental data related to assets

Measure the environmental performance of individual assets to understand inefficiencies and drive decisions that support ESG goals.

Gather and act on ESG data from suppliers

Manage supplier ESG and evaluate ESG performance and metrics as part of sourcing decisions.

ESG and AI report

61% of people believe bots will succeed where humans have failed with corporate sustainability.

Unilever cuts transport costs and emissions with Oracle

Sustainable supply chain management customer successes

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Customers of all sizes across industries have benefited from using Oracle Cloud Supply Chain Management and Manufacturing.

Sustainability in supply chain solutions

Oracle Cloud SCM solutions support sustainable business operations by enabling companies to

Establish standards for sustainable product design and packaging with Oracle Product Lifecycle Management

Collaborate with ethical suppliers and source materials responsibly with Oracle Procurement

Eliminate wastage and overspending with Oracle Demand Management

Ensure high productivity and resource utilization with Smart Manufacturing

Evaluate impact in your supply chain on financial targets with Oracle Sales and Operations Planning

Monitor in-transit shipments and maintain product quality with Oracle IoT Intelligent Applications

Reduce emissions, ensure compliance, and drive route and warehouse space efficiency with Oracle Logistics

Gain transparency and multitier visibility with Oracle Intelligent Track and Trace

Why sustainability is everybody’s business

Jon Chorley, CSO and GVP, SCM Product Strategy, Oracle

At Oracle, our goal is always to make sustainability an intrinsic part of all our conversations—with customers, customer advisory boards, and with the people who are creating our products. We believe sustainability should be a key ingredient of what makes up excellence in each product area.

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