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Oracle Utilities Work and Asset Cloud Service

Increase enterprise asset management (EAM) productivity and efficiencies, predict and prevent problems, and extend asset life. Oracle Utilities Work and Asset Cloud Service helps you reduce operation and maintenance (O&M) costs across the full asset lifecycle.

Whether you are a muni, coop, or IOU, get more work done with less O&M spend.

Oracle Utilities Work and Asset Cloud product features

Improve enterprise asset management and work efficiency with an Oracle Cloud solution designed to help utilities of any size do more with tight budgets. Visualize your asset data to make better repair-versus-replace decisions while driving down operations costs.

Cloud deployment

Oracle Utilities Work and Asset Cloud gets you up and running faster and keeps you ready with the latest capabilities. Cloud deployment means you get more time to focus on optimizing asset strategies while we take care of the rest.

Comprehensive work and asset management

Manage all asset types—from linear or fixed to mobile or sensor-based— plus devices in a comprehensive utility EAM solution for work management, capital asset planning, and field service management.


Our end-to-end approach includes prebuilt integrations for mission-critical work streams across enterprise resource planning (ERP), geographic information systems (GIS), and construction. Gain control and improve efficiency with a centralized command center for all work and management data and systems.

Designed for utilities

Utilities have unique needs that require deep native mission-critical functionality, such as support for compatible units and leak detection. For more than 50 years, Oracle Utilities has delivered solutions built solely for utilities.

Automated work management

Customized business processes automatically generate and track work orders and resources and schedule preventive and predictive maintenance. AI adapts to your needs and improves overall productivity, eliminating unnecessary work and increasing uptime.

Asset investment planning

Aggregate all asset data, including condition rating, to gain a reliable, real-time view of asset health. Work and Asset Cloud helps you improve infrastructure investment decisions to balance compliance, reliability, safety, and risk.

Repair-versus-replace decision support

Work and Asset Cloud provides real-time asset work history, condition monitoring, and automated risk identification. These robust decision-support tools provide a more reliable view of asset health that’s critical to making repair-versus-replace decisions.

Connected device support

Oracle Utilities Operational Device Management simplifies smart device maintenance with comprehensive tracking of each device’s location, characteristics, health, firmware updates, configuration, compatibility, and audit compliance.

Smart grid support

Advanced work and asset management functionality provides the specialized oversight needed to ensure real-time capacity and optimization that ensure safe and reliable smart-grid operations.

Comprehensive asset visualization

Automatically provisioned with Oracle Utilities Work and Asset Cloud, Oracle Utilities Analytics Visualization transforms volumes of data and provides an instant assessment of asset health to help support faster decision-making.

Prebuilt analytics

Unlike other solutions that just offer the star schema for reporting, Work and Asset Cloud offers more than 225 (and growing) predefined visualizations and base calculations, bypassing the need for costly data manipulation.

Informed decision-making

Cross-domain and cross-system analytics bring multisource data together for deeper insights. Intelligence is detailed, accurate, and easily accessible, empowering far better-informed and prompt decision-making.

Louisville Water Company transforms asset management with Oracle Utilities

Louisville Water Company chose Oracle Utilities Work and Asset Management Cloud as the foundation for their asset-management program modernization. Learn how they significantly reduced manual data entry and increased work order throughput.

Work and Asset Management highlights

01Asset replacement and planned outage

See how Oracle Utilities facilitates easy and seamless planned outages for safe asset maintenance and replacement.

Watch the asset replacement video (3:56)

02Addressing aging infrastructure

Learn how utilities can leverage technology to extend the life of capital assets.

Watch the aging infrastructure webinar

03Analytics for asset management...something new to tell

Learn how utilities get immediate decision-support benefits from using analytics.

Read the analytics blog

Journeys with Jack: Trials and Pilots—It is the future “guaranteed”

Jack Lucy, Global Industry Specialist, Work and Asset Solutions, Oracle

The green, renewable, carbon-neutral agenda is here to stay and so are business initiatives like sustainability and resiliency. We, the historical consumers, are now front and center, and driving the trend with our purchases of electric vehicles, solar panels, and battery storage for our homes. In fact these customers have a new name: “prosumers,” who both produce and consume energy.

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