Automotive Experience Platform

Oracle Automotive Experience Platform (AEP) unifies and enriches customer, vehicle, and dealer data to unlock value and drive commerce throughout the customer lifecycle. AEP uses AI to create smart segments, recommendations, and personalized customer journeys in real time and at scale, all while applying world-class analytics to optimize machine learning.

Oracle’s CX suite delivers for the automotive industry

Unify, segment, and activate your data

Oracle Unity combines automotive data from online, offline, and third-party sources to create a real-time view of each customer or vehicle, then applies machine learning to prescribe the Next Best Action.

Automotive experience automation

Oracle Fusion Marketing automates sales, service, and customer interactions that reach across the full suite of digital communication channels to create and nurture lasting customer experiences.

Automotive analytics—more than just data

Get actionable insights from your automated campaigns and communications, including customer interactions and program profitability, then use advanced visualization tools to quickly build the story of your success.

Automotive data integration—maximize your data

Oracle Integration connects any application or data source to Automotive Experience Platform. The broad array of integrations and prebuilt adapters simplify and streamline both hybrid and multicloud operations.

Reveal hidden automotive revenue opportunities

  • Increase revenue using subscriptions

    EOffer and foster connected vehicle subscriptions to over-the-air feature updates, such as dynamic cruise control, to increase after-sales revenue.

  • Drive loyalty with targeted offers

    Use AI to monitor and analyze customer interactions to communicate automatically at the right time with personalized offers.

  • Increase service revenue using automation

    Maximize service revenue by proactively addressing potential service disruptions using Oracle’s anomaly detection solution.

Discover how Oracle helps automotive customers

Eliminating customer experience gaps with Oracle Unity Customer Data Platform integrations

Atif Zubair, Product Marketing Manager, Oracle

Most consumers want more than great products at the right prices. They want to be seen, heard, and understood as individuals with unique needs and preferences. They seek emotionally rich brand experiences, and they’re often willing to forge bonds of loyalty, trust, and advocacy with brands that get it right.

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