Digital Experience for Communications

Improve customer experience by providing consistent marketing, sales, and service across all of your digital channels. Use SaaS software to configure products and bundles across your sales systems and automate provisioning and orchestration.

Design, deliver, and monetize the digital experience at every stage of the customer journey.

Orchestrate and fulfill orders efficiently

Dynamically orchestrate your customer orders quickly with Automated fulfillment. Accurately and rapidly process large volumes of customer orders on any network type.

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Monetize emerging business models and revenue streams

Rate any metric, attribute, and combination of payment options. Charge for service usage and provide balance information in real time and at massive scale.

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Resolve issues faster to increase customer satisfaction and reduce customer churn

Deliver full self-service customer care across billing, orders, offers, and subscriptions via omnichannel interactions. Create positive customer engagements, reduce cost of service, and reduce customer churn.

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“With a modular pre-integrated stack, we avoid the costly and time-consuming process of complex integrations and high level of customizations. This means we can launch, orchestrate, and monetize new offerings as the market demands while delivering an excellent experience for our customers in the process.”

Ahmed Al-Anqari

CEO, Salam

Achieve operational agility, reduce costs, and drive new revenue

Move your OSS/BSS to the cloud

Migrate IT workloads, efficiently operate networks, and develop new applications for enterprise customers—all on a performance and cost-effective cloud platform.

Partner with expert support to drive your innovations

Benefit from our OSS/BSS expertise to help you implement, integrate, configure, and operate your applications, whether on-premises or in the cloud.

Empower your teams to deliver successful solutions

Gain a thorough understanding of Oracle Communications applications to develop and deliver solutions faster, at lower cost, and with reduced risk.

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