Oracle Communications Operations Monitor with VoIP Monitoring

Provide your team better visibility and insight into network performance monitoring operations, and rapidly detect, isolate, and resolve problems such as voice quality or call routing issues with VoIP monitoring.

Detect and prevent fraud with Oracle Communications Fraud Monitor.

Oracle Communications Operations Monitor features

Call correlation and analytics

Enable end-to-end real-time correlation of calls, take advantage of flexible, network wide, specific KPIs and statistics. Use media quality analysis, including r-factor and mean opinion scores (MOS), to identify issues.

Track back data

Track back data for a single call — identify the caller and call recipient, their IP addresses, the number of call segments, the call flow diagram, the call status, and all detailed call information for real-time monitoring and troubleshooting.

Analyze KPIs

Access a full range of KPIs for voice network monitoring, addressing service accessibility, retention, and integrity that can be aggregated by a service, site, and customer.

Trace and alert

Drill-down to sequence diagrams showing signaling transactions and media sessions for each call across the entire network. Alerts for network issues such as poor voice quality or slow responses can be established with configurable network and service KPI alarm thresholds.

Presence events monitoring

Monitor presence events, including subscribe, notify, and publish messages, enhancing the ability to identify and troubleshoot issues like network congestion.

Troubleshoot and problem-solve network issues

Leverage key indicators to identify, troubleshoot, and resolve issues for enhanced IP network service assurance.

Decode and filter IP

See a packet-by-packet view to better analyze and troubleshoot voice and video issue location.

Record media

Record media for later playback for further quality analysis. Get information on codec and the media type information of audio, video, text, image, messages, and even T.38 fax transmissions.

Localize root-cause issues

Drill down from the network level to localize root-cause issues at the element, device type, and end-user levels.

Automate alias detection

Align different aliases automatically for a customer, based on end-to-end call correlation and topology.

Live user search

Find a user quickly with live user search functionality, with only part of the phone number needed. Deep link access is possible which can connect to third-party products such as call center solutions or umbrella network monitoring tools.

Network interoperability benefits

Deploy in IP communication networks from any vendor, capture traffic from any device with a fully agnostic call monitoring solution.

Cloud ready

Support deployment across various public clouds.

Intuitive and simple user interface

Beginners to advanced users take advantage of an intuitive interface, designed for efficient daily use, with virtually no training required.

Easily integrate

Easily integrate with third-party umbrella management systems and other OSS/BSS solutions via SNMP interface or the optional REST Remote API extension.

Dashboards and visualization tools

Utilize a dashboarding tool to produce a range of charts and graphs to display, track, and record traffic data.

Benefits of network performance monitoring with included VoIP monitoring

01Increase service quality

Identify potential issues before service is affected. Real-time call correlation and troubleshooting across multiple sites, protocols and devices using an intuitive and simple GUI helps you increase the quality of your service.

02Enhance efficiency

Use sub-second visualization, analysis and troubleshooting on real-time calls without waiting for call detail records or database aggregation to enhance efficiency and customer satisfaction.

03Deploy over on-premises, virtual and cloud environments

Take advantage of a constant evolving software-based solution available to run on standard hardware servers, virtual machines (VM) and public cloud, built on modern architecture and cutting-edge technology.

04Detect phone fraud and prevent it

Identify deviations in user behavior and stops fraud attacks efficiently and effectively using Oracle Communications Fraud Monitor on top of Oracle Communications Operations Monitor.

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