Beso innovates with data-driven insights from Oracle Cloud

Mexico City-based creative agency taps Oracle Autonomous Database to predict consumer behavior, inform its campaigns, and spur business growth.


The more data we have, the more accurate our campaigns will be. Team Oracle is like our guardian angels who know our vision, and Autonomous Database fits our approach as a small business.

Federico IsuaniCEO, Beso

Business challenges

Industry veterans Pepe Beker and Federico Isuani founded Beso Agency with the mission of applying technology for “creative inspiration.” Today, Beso is the largest independent advertising agency in Mexico, serving clients throughout Latin America. 

Conventional ad agencies rely on intuition to inform their creative work. Even Beso, founded on the principle of using data to inspire creativity, struggled to interpret the variety of data available on Facebook, Google, Twitter, Spotify, The Weather Channel, and other sources to help it deliver targeted, multichannel marketing campaigns.

Beso needed an advanced, yet easy-to-implement and easy-to-use, data management platform.

Why Beso chose Oracle

Beso chose Oracle Autonomous Database, running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, to unify all its data sources and take its creative insights to the next level.

The integrated data management suite not only helps Beso answer client questions they never thought to ask themselves, but it also is affordable, easy to operate, and scales on demand for the fast-growing agency.


Using the complete set of tools in Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse and Big Data Service with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, including advanced analytics and block storage, Beso unified data from 23 online sources with a variety of offline sources to build a data lake that will expand to 100 sources. 

Before, using another cloud provider, Beso analysts would waste hours extracting data to build reports. The automation features in the Oracle Cloud services reduced that effort by 75%, freeing analysts to spend their time more productively on the data models for hyper-segmentation and predictive insights. Reports that previously took a week to prepare now take fewer than two days, helping Beso improve its customer service.

Beso estimates that the more targeted advertising enabled by the Oracle Cloud solution helped one client cut its media costs by 67%, due to more efficient customer acquisition. Additionally, the agency has grown new-client revenues by 20% and existing-client revenues by 10%. Most important, the Oracle Cloud implementation has allowed Beso to position itself with clients as a strategic ally rather than just a supplier.

Published:January 5, 2021