Entel expands using VMware apps running in Oracle Cloud, cuts costs by 50%

Moving hundreds of VMware workloads on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Entel reduced implementation time from months to less than two days, cut costs 50%, and reduced administration and monitoring efforts by 90%.

One of the best things about Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is that we can run all of our VMware workloads and other mission-critical applications for two companies, in two regions, on one cloud infrastructure.

Alfredo Vaz PintoInfrastructure Manager, Entel

Business challenges

Chilean telecom Entel is recognized by consumers for its high service levels, and it’s meeting rising demand for mobile phone, home television, 4G, and 5G mobile services—demand that’s spurred in part by extended quarantine measures in both Chile and Peru to combat COVID-19. Entel strives to work in a state of permanent innovation. It acquired NexTel Peru in 2012 to tap into a growing market primarily for mobile and data services.

Entel had to build a digital, leaner, and more agile organization to seize its growth opportunities. Some of the company’s difficulties stemmed from having limited new products, since it took more than three months to create a new offering. Its online channels lacked features and a modern experience, and it was shackled by expensive legacy systems that took more than 100 people to operate and maintain. Entel decided it had to move to the cloud, through a project called Transformacion Digital Entel.

By February 2018, Entel moved all of its business applications to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, putting an end to buying hardware, managing warranties, and maintaining redundant platforms and data centers.

Why Entel Chose Oracle

While Entel looked at several cloud vendors, it chose Oracle because of its expert team of architects based in Santiago, its cloud region in neighboring Brazil, and cloud services that could be easily configured to run Entel’s VMware workloads that had been running on-premises, as well as many of its other critical business applications.


Rather than having to re-architect multiple applications and technology platforms to get them to run natively in the cloud, Entel is able to migrate most of its VMware environments to the cloud in a matter of months, while retaining total control over VMware updates, patches, and new deployments. Entel started its cloud journey by developing and testing five software projects in the cloud, and now it has hundreds of applications in production.

Since moving to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Entel has reduced the time it takes to implement infrastructure from months to less than two days. Entel pays 50% the cost it used to pay to buy physical hardware and it takes 90% less administration and monitoring effort.

By migrating its VMware-based workloads to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, including critical applications such as digital contracts, billing, and inventory that had run on premises, the company can extend the life and investment of those applications running on VMware. Entel also benefits from new security features and high-performance computing capabilities available in serverless cloud native services such as OCI Functions. Interconnection of systems and services is facilitated by OCI API Gateway.

Using Oracle Analytics Cloud, the company is also able to better forecast revenues, detect fraud, and assess credit risk.

Published:July 31, 2020