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MineSense and Oracle Cloud help mines tap vein of efficiency

Using x-ray sensors on huge power shovels, MineSense sends IoT data to Oracle Autonomous Database, which helps mines run more precise operations.

INDUSTRY: Natural Resources

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About the customer

Intelligent mining

The world’s largest mining operations across Canada, Chile, and Peru are looking to become more efficient, given that ore deposits are harder to reach and environmental costs are a key factor. MineSense Technologies’ data-intensive approach can help them dig iron, copper, zinc and nickel more precisely, with a solution that the mining companies can implement without hampering daily operations.

To run an IoT solution that generates potentially terabytes of data, MineSense chose Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, which offered data security and effortless scalability, plus access to Oracle Application Express, for quickly building applications to suit each client’s needs.

We are fundamentally a data company. The data we produce, combined with our advanced machine learning algorithms, is at the very core of the value we generate for mines. We needed a powerful platform to demonstrate and deliver that value, which we now have.
Jeff More, CEO, MineSense

Customer Story

Accelerate time to value

Each year, the world’s largest mining operations evaluate many potential efficiency solutions. Only a few get chosen. MineSense has succeeded, and earned awards as a leader in clean tech, by showing mining companies how they’ll quickly get value. Oracle Autonomous Database, which runs on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, is at the center of this success. MineSense places rugged x-ray devices on massive power shovels at the mine face. These devices tap into the serverless capabilities of OCI Functions to grade the ore in every bucket to optimize the downstream use of power and water to extract the ore while minimizing the waste generated.

MineSense’s small IT team used Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse to lower DBA workloads by 65% while still providing large numbers of users, such as mining engineers, geophysicists, and data scientists, a high-performance database platform to analyze the IoT data.

That same autonomous database features Oracle Application Express, a low code development and deployment capability that lets the MineSense team build and deliver apps in one week instead of six weeks.

Oracle Cloud portfolio

Oracle Autonomous Database

Oracle APEX

OCI Functions

Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse ingests daily IoT sensor data at 2X faster performance than its previous solution, and it lowers MineSense’s costs through its autoscaling.

With Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse and APEX, I not only have a world-class, scalable, super-secure, super-powerful database engine, but with the built-in application development tools, I can build and deploy applications almost right away so that I can get people access to data. I don’t know of any other platform where I can do that out of the box.

Frank Hoogendoorn, Chief Data Officer, MineSense