Körber software runs 40% faster on Oracle Cloud

Körber moved its warehouse management platform from AWS, CenturyLink, and on-premises to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, lowering costs 25% and improving performance by 40%.

We brought a retailer onto our cloud platform during the fourth-quarter shopping season, and we got the customer live without missing any shipments or fulfillment obligations.

Rik SchraderSenior Vice President of Sales, Körber Supply Chain Software North America

Business challenges

Launched some 25 years ago and originally known as HighJump Software, Körber’s software solutions address all aspects of supply chain execution. They include design and simulation tools, warehouse management, transportation and yard management, and end-to-end control of your logistics network. They provide visibility into your entire supply chain all the way to the “last mile” to the consumer.

When transitioning to offer its applications via the cloud, the company was looking for cloud infrastructure that would be flexible and secure, while also providing the tools to run more effectively and efficiently. With its applications powered by Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Körber helps its customers respond to demand for more product availability, faster delivery speed, and 24/7 customer service.

Why Körber Supply Chain Chose Oracle

After evaluating Oracle alongside Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google, and IBM, Körber moved its platform onto Oracle Cloud Infrastructure due to its better pricing, performance, and security. Oracle Cloud global data centers provide the flexibility and scalability required by Körber customers worldwide. Oracle also helped Körber quickly get to market with a global sales footprint and joint go-to-market activities.


Körber discovered that Oracle Cloud Infrastructure cost 25% less and processed transactions 40% faster than its on-premises environment. Implementation was four times faster, with provisioning reduced from 6 to 8 weeks, down to 2 to 10 days.

These combined benefits help Körber’s customers, particularly retailers who need to scale up and down for seasonal business changes. It used to take Körber six to eight weeks to set up an ecommerce website for one of its customers. It would take that long to allocate software and hardware resources to host a separate instance of its ecommerce app. Now, the company can provision software resources within a couple of days.

Körber also consolidated four warehouse management systems onto Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for better performance and management control. By choosing Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Körber Supply Chain is benefiting from lower costs, getting customers deployed faster, and achieving its uptime goals for its customers.

Published:July 14, 2020