Mazda Motor Europe boosts campaign capabilities with Oracle

The European headquarters of Mazda Motor Corporation synchronizes its marketing capabilities across all markets and streamlines campaign execution.


We save time and gain efficiency. All markets are on one instance and can see what the other ones are doing. These are the key benefits of using Oracle Eloqua. We have complete transparency. If one campaign is performing really well, we reach out and share best practices.

Sandy KlamaManager, Customer Interaction Management, Mazda Motor Europe

Business challenges

Mazda Motor Corporation, the leading multinational automaker founded in 1920 in Hiroshima, Japan, sells about 1.5 million cars annually in 130 countries. Established in 1989, Mazda Motor Europe develops the strategies, concepts, and processes to ensure the successful position of the Mazda brand in Europe, with the help of an international team of 200-plus employees.

Mazda Motor Europe works closely with Mazda Motor Corporation and Mazda branches in more than 30 European countries to ensure homogeneous campaigns and strategies, as well as consistency in brand messaging in all operations.

Facing new technological trends and a media landscape saturated with advertising, it became increasingly difficult for Mazda in Europe to reach and engage with customers directly. Mazda was looking for a marketing automation solution to create unique and personalized digital buying experiences.

As part of its mission to create unique products, technologies, and experiences that customers love, Mazda Motor Europe required a centralized, integrated, and scalable marketing automation tool that would support all its B2B and B2C marketing campaigns, generate more quality leads, and enable a better experience for Mazda customers.

To achieve these goals, the organization needed real-time data access, optimized marketing campaigns, and local alignment. The company also wanted to support accountability and allow for a smooth collaboration among multiple markets in light of key Mazda objectives and its global growth strategy.

In the past, the focus has been on building and sending email campaigns manually, even by post. With Oracle Eloqua, we are definitely much more efficient in terms of resource allocation. We use the saved time to better guide the customers through their journeys. It's all about efficiency, workloads, resources, and sharing best practices.

Sandy KlamaManager, Customer Interaction Management, Mazda Motor Europe

Why Mazda Motor Europe Chose Oracle

Due to Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation’s usability, efficiency, intuitive campaign planning, as well as integration with other Oracle Marketing applications, Mazda Motor Europe selected Oracle over other solutions.

“Once we had Eloqua implemented across Europe, we quickly realized that we could achieve even further customer experience benefits by combining Eloqua with Oracle Maxymiser, Oracle Unity Customer Data Platform, Oracle Infinity Behavioral Intelligence, and Oracle Data Management Platform,” Sandy Klama said.

Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation was the best fit, thanks to its complex, enterprise-level structure. It includes unique features like Program Canvas and Campaign Orchestration that support the planning and creation of Mazda Motor Europe’s dynamic marketing campaigns.


Since deploying Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation, Mazda Motor Europe has seen open rates of around 50% for email campaigns targeted at car owners and about 90% for campaigns that notify customers about new car launches.

The organization also gained a better general overview of the marketing campaigns that are active in different countries, while also harvesting unified data from multiple channels, and using real-time reporting to improve decision-making. With 120 automated, always-on campaigns running across all European markets, Oracle Eloqua has empowered Mazda Motor Europe to convey website conversions into sales at an accelerated rate.

Thanks to fast and accurate data syncing, Mazda Motor Europe benefits from smooth collaboration between markets, and continuity in the customer journey.


Be Bold, a specialist in strategic digital marketing and marketing automation, assisted Mazda in its implementation and rollout to 22 markets.

Published:May 20, 2021