Turning Point uses Oracle Cloud as it treats addiction, illness

Turning Point uses Oracle Applications to provide help to UK residents in need, via online and mobile channels.

Oracle CX Service will assist us in reaching individuals who require our assistance or guidance much more quickly.

Ali MehmetHead of Applications, Turning Point

Business challenges

In nearly 60 years as a leading social enterprise in the United Kingdom, Turning Point has helped 100,000 people battle drug addiction, work with their learning disabilities and mental illness, and transition back into society after incarceration. The challenges have never been greater, with the rise of opioid addiction and the growing use of dangerous synthetic drugs. To stop overdoses and save lives, Turning Point must identify vulnerable clients, stay in touch with them, and intervene quickly in case of crisis.

With the wait time to see a medical professional through the UK’s National Health Service stretching to four weeks or more, Turning Point turned to Oracle Cloud CX applications to shorten the time between routine visits at its own clinics, provide online care options, and offer on-the-spot emergency interventions to clients on the streets.

We're entering into a new era of substances that we haven't seen before. We have the opportunity to use technology to be more effective in the treatment of people at the fringes of society.

Amarjit DhillonCIO, Turning Point

Why Turning Point chose Oracle

Turning Point chose Oracle Cloud CX because of its ability to create a robust online record of patient information and interactions. Oracle also helped Turning Point shorten the time for routine visits through automated scheduling, and it helped improve communications with clients via whichever method they prefer—phone, text, video, or chabot.


Using Oracle CX Service, Turning Point builds online summaries for clients that contain their medical conditions, treatment records, and prescription and street drug use, so that medical personnel can immediately diagnose a problem, whether the client is visiting its clinic or living on the streets. Turning Point staffers can access these records from an internet-enabled emergency van they use to respond to police calls for their help.

Providing swifter access to treatment, Oracle Intelligent Advisor matches patients with appropriate resources and the right programs for substance abuse treatment.  This application helps Turning Point clients bypass the UK’s long referral process to see a National Health Service doctor, and it has reduced patient wait times for medical care from about four weeks to as little as two days. 

Clinicians now can interact with clients via chat, use techniques such as co-browsing, and otherwise allow clients to interact as they would with any online service. Turning Point leverages Oracle Live Experience Cloud to securely interact with clients in critical situations, where seeing the client via video has benefits over a normal phone call, either to see non-verbal cues, the client’s appearance or their environment. The Turning Point staff member can quickly distribute a meeting link via SMS or email, and the client can join a video call without having to download an application. Between visits to Turning Point clinicians, clients can get information via a chatbot, built with Oracle Digital Assistant, to get help such as relaxation techniques to ward off anxiety attacks.

With Oracle CX Content and Experience, staff can instantly update and distribute changing treatment protocols to all Turning Point clinicians nationwide. The updates help the charity’s care workers get immediate access to the latest information, such as the makeup and toxicity of ever-changing street drugs, as well as the latest thinking on recommended treatment.

Appointment scheduling for addiction counselors is managed with Oracle Field Service, ensuring that highly skilled people are allocated as efficiently as possible.

Published:October 2, 2020