Healthcare ERP—Finance and Operations

Gain a single view of financial data across your health delivery system. Plan more effectively, reduce cost of care, and build a more responsive supply chain. Implement new business models such as value-based healthcare more easily and adapt faster when your business environment changes.

Product recalls: How to improve safety and reduce risks.

Get an up to date, holistic picture of your organization’s financial health

Move away from complex spreadsheets and disconnected reporting systems

With Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP, you have a single financial reporting system that’s easy to use and easy to adapt. Simplify your financial close processes and easily implement new business models—from value-based care to telehealth.

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Manage cost of care and profitability goals

Use detailed profitability management analytics to track the success of both new and current care service lines. Meet new regulatory requirements around price transparency and surprise billing.

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Make financial data more accessible and easier to use

Deploy user-friendly interfaces with mobile support to make life easier for back-office teams. Give executives access to data wherever and whenever they need it.

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“Because of the events of the last 12 months, there is a third variable we need to add to the [hospital resilience] equation: supply chain stability.”

Eric Swaim

Assistant Director, Procurement Services, Texas Children’s Hospital

Source and deliver trusted life-saving supplies when and where they're needed

Align your supplies to demand for a patient-centered supply chain

Improve planning and predict demand so you can direct supplies where and when they’re needed.

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Reduce the time spent tracking down supplies

Manage inventory flow—from order to delivery to replenishment. Reduce the time clinical staff spends tracking down supplies on hand and procuring new ones.

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Streamline procurement of capital assets and medical equipment

Simplify supplier management, enforce compliant spending, and improve profitability.

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Improve safety and reduce risk by proactively managing product recalls

Enable precision recalls of medical devices by tracking and tracing their exact locations in the supply network, provider, and PAR location. Standardize product data in a centralized catalog.

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“Our goal is improving patient care. How do we give best-in-class service? By making everything else that's not as important easier for employees.”

Frances Chao

Group Vice President, Enterprise Business Applications, Providence St. Joseph Health

Explore financial scenarios to stay ahead of change

Make better decisions with plans that are fully integrated across your organization

Build revenue projections, budgets, and labor plans for new clinics, care service lines, acquisitions—and organic growth.

Explore Financial Planning

Improve crisis preparedness with scenario planning

Test your assumptions and model a wide variety of scenarios with potential impact on your operations. Understand how your strategies will affect the bottom line.

Explore Scenario Modeling
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Getting better: How healthcare providers can build modern supply chains

By Tim Vaio, Managing Director, Supply Chain and Operations Advisory and Jeff Coble, Director, Supply Chain and Operations Advisory, KPMG

Among its many effects, the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed some of the fundamental supply chain management (SCM) challenges healthcare providers face. Best practices from the manufacturing and distribution industries can be leveraged by healthcare providers to take a journey with incremental steps towards building internal SCM capabilities.

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