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Discover how Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) can accelerate your enterprise digital transformation and expedite moving your product development workloads to the cloud. Improve your enterprise apps and unleash the potential of your data with Oracle Data Science and Analytics on OCI.

  • Multicloud in the Mainstream: S&P 2023 Report

    451 Research, part of S&P Global Market Intelligence, conducted a global survey with more than 1,500 respondents. They found that the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated cloud infrastructure and multicloud adoption, enabling more innovation and cost optimization. Read the report today to get more industry insights and see how your industry stacks up.

  • AI Vision and Drones for Inventory Management

    Learn how IT professionals can apply AI Services to inventory management, which enables automation of business workflows.

Build, design, and improve products smarter and faster

OCI for manufacturing data analytics

Oracle Cloud offers the complete analytics platform for business users, developers, and operations. Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse and Oracle Analytics Cloud with customized manufacturing dashboards allow you to enable self-service access to Data Analytics across all your data and apps in the cloud.

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Oracle smart manufacturing

Oracle's Smart Manufacturing solution helps manufacturing companies better predict and resolve maintenance requirements, correlate quality issues to machine and environmental factors, reduce downtime, and improve quality.

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OCI high performance computing

OCI HPC solutions offers on-premises performance, along with cloud elasticity and cost flexibility, for either migration away from or to supplement capital intensive on-premises systems. By moving computational fluid dynamic simulations to OCI, engineers can achieve best performance, meet scale requirements, and reduce the time for developing new products.

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Run your most important applications in the cloud

Get the scale, performance, and automation benefits of the public cloud for applications like billing, financial systems, supply chain management, and more. You will be able to generate deeper business insights, respond to market demands faster, and automate for greater efficiency.

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Refresh your database and system of record strategy on OCI

Oracle Autonomous Database provides workload-optimized cloud services for transaction processing, data warehousing, and JSON. Oracle Exadata Cloud Service offers proven Oracle Database performance and scale, with a hybrid Cloud@Customer option. Reduce operational costs, improve security, and free up resources to focus on other innovation initiatives.

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Oracle CX for High Tech, Manufacturing, and Automotive

Deepen digital capabilities and cut through product-only mindsets. Oracle CX for High Tech, Manufacturing, and Automotive connects customer data with asset data for a holistic, 360-degree customer view that improves sales and service experiences, provides new revenue opportunities, and better supports partners, resellers, and dealers.

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Use OCI Vision to automate inventory management

Manual inventory management can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. Manufacturers often struggle to maintain an updated stock of inventory and keep track of its location, leading to lost revenue and underutilized capital. The inventory counting process onsite for large, remote factories and warehouse facilities involves time and resource-intensive steps and constraints and is prone to errors.

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Get started with Oracle Cloud for manufacturing

“Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing is the foundation of our solution. It patches, maintains, and tunes itself, providing a more secure environment. We now have reduced our risk with an always-on, always-patched system.”

Mark Carleton

CEO, Mestec

Operational efficiency

Use advanced analytics to measure factory, operations, and business process performance improvements, as well as proactively provide predictive and prescriptive recommendations—versus historical descriptive and diagnostic metrics—by capturing streaming data elements for data in motion.

Supply chain optimization

Extend visibility upstream into the entire supply chain to gain agility by sourcing from a variety of suppliers, and by blending data from the ERP system that handles order management down through the inventory, warehouse management, and transportation systems used to transport and deliver materials required for production.

Health and safety

Enable the blending of data from various operation management systems, along with dedicated solutions for health, safety, and incident monitoring. Use a single-pane-of-glass dashboard to track, understand, and act on key health and safety metrics, improve risks assessments, and optimize incident response times.

Advanced design simulations

High performance computing (HPC) running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) brings powerful performance allowing Manufacturers to run advanced design simulations with improved speed and optimized costs. This enables faster go-to-market cycles and increases market competitiveness.

Quality automation

Employ OCI anomaly detection for managing your assets and to perform predictive maintenance for manufacturing equipment. Anomaly detection uses prebuilt algorithms to detect various anomalies in time series data for automating manufacturing processes and decision making, such as servicing hardware equipment, order replacements or supplies, taking predictive steps to avoid disruptions and decreasing efficiency.

Production monitoring with AI

Use artificial intelligence algorithms to blend and monitor data from sensors and factory floor devices for real-time detection of anomalous conditions affecting productivity and manufacturing capacity and potentially affecting output quality. Anomaly detection AI proactively reduces risks by predicting and mitigating future equipment failures, operational issues, and quality-related threats.

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How Sonoco migrated their manufacturing data and apps with Oracle Cloud as part of its multicloud digital transformation

Sasha Banks-Louie, Master Principal Technical Program Engineer, Oracle

Getting its legacy applications out of colocated data centers and into a single cloud was the first step that Sonoco took when the US$5 billion packaging company began moving its on-premises applications to the cloud. The second step was to diversify its workloads across multiple cloud platforms.

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