The grocery industry relies on Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP

To consistently deliver seamless omnichannel experiences and keep the business focused on customers, grocers need game-changing technology. Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP helps you strengthen customer loyalty while keeping pace with changing consumer behavior, market fluctuations, and supply chain disruptions.

Discover how Oracle Cloud ERP can help you gain agility and be ready for growth

Why the grocery industry is turning to Oracle Cloud ERP

01Continuous business monitoring

Machine learning monitors every aspect of your business at all times, ensuring you can seize every opportunity or address any emerging threat—before the competition.

02Touchless processes

Intelligently automate the boring, routine, and mundane processes that inhibit growth. You’ll never have to wait on a batch job or worry about data entry errors.

03Immersive user experience

Use digital assistants, chatbots, and natural language processing to automate mundane tasks so work is done faster and more efficiently.

04One, unified cloud

Take advantage of a single cloud environment with a unified data model for consistency across processes, planning, user experience,and M&A activities.

Instacart scales its grocery delivery business with Oracle

Instacart needed an agile and scalable finance platform to support its aggressive growth goals.

The grocery industry is gaining agility with Oracle Cloud ERP

Deliver on your growth goals and meet changing market and customer demands using an intelligent, data-driven approach to finance and operations. Give your customers a fast, convenient, and seamless experience—in-store and online.

Create an omnichannel strategy

Provide customers with seamless, consistent, and engaging experiences—in-store and online—while also staying current and supporting new delivery models.

Get a clear financial view

Respond to evolving consumer demands and market changes by using accurate and timely financial data to make more informed business decisions.

Build a resilient supply chain

Plan demand, supply, order fulfillment, and production intelligently across your supply chain, collaborating across the enterprise to increase service, reduce disruptions, and minimize costs.

Ensure the right inventory levels

Increase profits with better planning to provide fresh produce and ensure products don’t go out of stock.

Manage private-label portfolios

Grow market share and increase brand loyalty through private labeling and taking ownership of supply chain responsibilities.

Achieve sustainable cash-flow margins

Achieve greater cost efficiencies by leveraging strategic modeling and automated reporting.

“Oracle was really the only one that had a solution that would fit all of our company’s goals. This cloud product is the first time we felt like we could make the leap from 40-year-old homegrown systems to a modern system.”

Katie Eure, Director of Finance, Alex Lee

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