AutoVue Enterprise Visualization Solutions

Oracle’s AutoVue Enterprise Visualization solutions are designed to address today’s information sharing and collaboration challenges. Oracle AutoVue applications can transform your business operations by delivering a single visualization platform for viewing, printing, and securely collaborating on virtually any document type, from back office documents to advanced engineering files (MCAD, ECAD, etc).

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AutoVue enables harmonized usage of visual information rendered in the appropriate business context for optimal decision making. AutoVue’s integration capabilities also enable Augmented Business Visualization, helping organizations create rich and actionable visual decision-making environments, which connect portions of documents back to business data in enterprise applications and help drive business process efficiency.

Extend engineering/asset documents to all enterprise users

Oracle's AutoVue 2D Professional provides extended teams with access to critical project and asset information contained in 2D CAD and Office documents. Its native document viewing, markup, and real-time collaboration capabilities deliver the foundation for an efficient document collaboration process. Users can digitally communicate and track feedback using a single solution and streamline communication throughout the project/asset lifecycle, maximizing productivity and completing projects faster and within budget.

AutoVue 2D Professional features

  • Extend the reach of engineering and asset documents to all users by enabling universal access to Office, images and 2D CAD files
  • Expedite document reviews and approvals, with built-in digital annotations
  • Visually document project tasks or changes in configuration in the proper business context
  • Drive operational efficiency by enabling effective cross-team communication and collaboration with contractors, suppliers and customers
  • Can be integrated with content management systems and enterprise applications like Primavera P6 or Asset Lifecycle Management solutions
  • View hundreds of file types without the native software
  • Integrate seamlessly with digital annotation and Real time collaboration


Effectively manage all your visualization needs

Oracle's AutoVue 3D Professional Advanced makes product and asset documents accessible all enterprise users. With its document viewing, digital markup, and real-time collaboration capabilities users involved in a variety of business processes, such as product design, maintenance and repairs, or project planning can access, share, and collaborate on asset and engineering documents, driving operational efficiency across the product / project lifecycle.

AutoVue 3D Professional Advanced features

  • Make product and asset documents, including 3D / 2D CAD, Graphics, Office and PDF documents readily available to all enterprise users
  • Optimize decision making through improved global cross-team collaboration
  • Streamline design reviews and capture a reliable audit trail of all decisions, changes and approvals using built-in digital annotations
  • Foster innovation by enabling participation and contribution of extended team to the new product development and introduction process
  • Enhance capital projects and facility operations with 3D walkthrough
  • Share documents securely without jeopardizing intellectual property

Extend the reach of PCB documents to all enterprise users

Oracle's AutoVue EDA Professional allows PCB designers and contract manufacturers to access, view, and securely collaborate on their PCB layouts and schematics. With support for major electronic design automation (EDA) packages, Microsoft Office, and PDF files, EDA organizations can boost collaboration without compromising valuable intellectual property, and enable effective end-to-end design to manufacturing processes.

AutoVue EDA Professional features

  • Deliver universal access to PCB (layout and schematics), Office documents, and images files
  • Minimize costly board spins by enabling early communication to identify and resolve design issues
  • Expedite document reviews and approvals, and streamline engineering change management with built-in digital annotations
  • Streamline PCB test engineering and manufacturing assembly processes
  • Can be fully integrated with enterprise applications like Product Lifecycle Management systems

Bridge the gap between MCAD and EDA

Oracle's all encompassing enterprise visualization solution. With AutoVue Electro-Mechanical Professional, organizations can bridge the gap between MCAD and EDA, and extend the reach of product information to all enterprise users. By enhancing cross-functional and departmental interaction earlier in the product development cycle, organizations can achieve improved productivity, reduced errors, and accelerated time to market.

AutoVue Electro-Mechanical Professional features

  • Make product documents and information, including EDA, 3D/2D CAD, Graphics, Office and PDF documents readily available to all enterprise users
  • Enable collaborative product design and development and optimize decision making through improved cross-team, cross-discipline collaboration
  • Foster innovation by enabling participation and contribution of extended teams in product related decisions
  • Expedite design reviews and approvals, and streamline change management with built-in digital annotations
  • Facilitate PCB test engineering and streamline the manufacturing assembly process
  • Collaborate and communicate with global teams and partners without jeopardizing intellectual property

Deliver a flexible document review platform

Oracle's AutoVue Office delivers native document viewing and digital annotation capabilities for Microsoft Office, PDF, and graphic document types. Users can view, print, review, and collaborate on hundreds of digital documents without requiring the authoring applications. AutoVue Office delivers the foundation for a flexible and secure digital document sharing, review, and approval platform that connects people and information across geographies and business practices.

AutoVue Office features

  • Provide users with access to Microsoft Office, PDF, and graphic document types without undergoing costly and cumbersome document conversions
  • Capture a reliable audit trail of decisions, proposed changes and approvals with digital annotations and enable better compliance and record keeping practices
  • Expedite document reviews and approvals with built-in digital annotations
  • Drive operational efficiency by enabling effective cross-team communication and collaboration with contractors, suppliers, and customers

Enable visual decision making with integrated visual solutions

With AutoVue's open, standards-based integration framework, users get a complete set of integration tools that allows them to create rich visual-decision making environments, delivering a consistent view of data and business objects, leveraging powerful visual composite applications, and expanding workflow automation to document-based processes.

AutoVue VueLink Integrations features

VueLink integration serves as a "bridge" between AutoVue and the PLM or Content Management system

  • Securely stream documents from an enterprise system's repository to AutoVue for viewing, digital markup and real-time collaboration
  • Digital markups are saved back in the content repository and associated with the base file for easy tracking and traceability

VueLinks are Oracle developed pre-integrated solutions

  • Connect AutoVue to popular Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Content Management systems

AutoVue VueLink Integrations are available for Oracle WebCenter Content (formerly UCM) and EMC Documentum

  • Use readymade integrations to save IT time and cost


Empower users to carry out their daily tasks in an optimal manner

AutoVue Web Services supports integrations within a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) framework

  • Through Web Services, organizations can ensure a consistent, flexible, and repeatable approach for augmenting existing business applications with enterprise visualization services, creating visual composite applications and taking workflow automation one step further

AutoVue provides a comprehensive set of Web Services capabilities

  • Customers can leverage the power of AutoVue, in whole or in part, and capitalize on functions like the ability to generate document thumbnails in a Web portal, feed information contained in CAD files into search engines or process high volume printing operations to name a few
  • AutoVue Web Services are reusable, insulated from changes in systems providers
  • Web Services enable IT to optimize process flows with enterprise visualization capabilities as non intrusively as possible

Reduce cost and complexity with open standard support; build once, reuse, and configure as needs change

VueBeans are Java APIs , which can be used to extend and customize AutoVue functionality to an organization's specific requirements

  • IT departments can leverage these APIs to create new markup entities, automate the creation of stamps or hyperlinks, dynamically watermark for printing, etc.
  • Increasing process automation
  • Reducing human capital expenditures
  • Improving organizational efficiency

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