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IDC and Oracle: Scaling Innovation for Growth

Watch this IDC/Oracle talk to learn how Finance can take a strategic lead by accelerating insight-gathering and using AI to deliver extreme automation and redefine business processes.

Scaling Innovation for Growth


Scaling innovation requires new KPIs

As innovation projects evolve, KPIs need to as well. Yet this talk reveals that 35% of organisations have no new KPIs in place for innovation.


Are your systems future-proof?

80% of CFOS says their systems won’t cope with future demands. This IDC/Oracle talk is a must-see for innovation-minded CFOs.


How do you balance scale, speed, and quality?

This IDC/Oracle talk explores how Finance can drive strategic innovation at scale—quickly—without sacrificing quality.


What intrepreneurs need now

Intrepreneurs need permission to proceed and the financial backing to succeed, with budgets ring-fenced by the CFO. Watch this talk to learn more.

Featured Speakers

Philip Carter

Philip Carter

IDC Chief Analyst

Neil Sholay

Neil Sholay

Vice President of Digital Innovation, Oracle

Get Growth from Innovation

IDC/Oracle Talk

IDC/Oracle Talk: Establishing a Culture of Innovation

Learn what KPIs the CFO can use to get the organisation ready for innovation—and to measure its success.

Global report: innovation strongly linked to growth

Global Report: Innovation Strongly Linked to Growth

This executive study shows that 84% of boards back innovation, and, for Finance, customer satisfaction is now a key KPI.

Discover Oracle ERP Cloud

Discover Oracle ERP Cloud

Discover complete financial management and real-time visibility of your finances, on the device of your choice.