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Întrebări frecvente

Boost HR Insight with New Tech

When HR embraces technology like artificial intelligence and machine learning, it’s able to effectively manage the skills pipeline and find the best-fit candidates to take their organisation forward.

Rediscover Trust in Your HR Data


Confidence in the Management of Data

HR leaders are 27% to 43% confident in the amount of data they must manage, but only 35% are confident in the security of their data. How we use data is powerful in identifying insights to improve the employee journey.


Extracting Insights to Improve the Organisation Companywide

AI and machine learning simplify the process of analysing masses of data, but only 32% of HR leaders feel highly confident in their ability to extract insights.


Keeping Accountable for Data Management Across the Company

HR leaves the bulk of responsibility down to IT and finance. Only 35% of HR decision-makers believe they are accountable. All departments need to take accountability for data.


Data Priority Moving Forward for HR

HR departments need to prioritise enhanced security controls and enable role-based access on scope of influence. Data security should be a top priority for all departments.

The Future of Power

Affordable Energy for the Developing world

Affordable Energy for the Developing world

Access Power uses cloud-enabled solutions to scale renewable energy for the developing world.

Building Trust in Data Through Familiarity

Building Trust in Data Through Familiarity

When an organisation has a wealth of employee data, it needs to understand what pitfalls to avoid in order to keep and grow employee trust.

Effective Insights from Trustworthy Data

Effective Insights from Trustworthy Data

In this Tomorrow Talk, find out how HR can extract data to ensure that it’s ethically sourced and trustworthy.

HR’s Level of Accountability in Data Security

HR’s Level of Accountability in Data Security

When it comes to working with data, HR must act as the moral compass to ensure employees put ethics first.

Learn about HR data in the cloud.