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Întrebări frecvente

How Does HR Drive a Culture of Innovation?

It’s HR’s role to source and manage top talent. When your top talent has the freedom to find creative solutions to their problems, you’ll enable organisational innovation.In this Tomorrow Talk, learn why HR needs to be the driver for the future of work.

Scaling Innovation for Growth


Why HR requires different sorts of data intelligence.

We are now starting to see HR departments capturing things such as mobility, sentiment and background, but also the network of how they interact with people within their own business and enterprise.


How does the culture of innovation reshape the role of HR?

HR has a unique opportunity to drive growth within an organisation. In this talk, learn how the culture of innovation fits into growth and reshapes the role of HR.


What it means to call HR ‘Custodians of Talent’

HR ensures the right people get access to the right roles. Once in those roles, it gives them access to tools that help them make their jobs better.


HR innovation is all about agility.

When you’re dealing with the human element, you have to be able to adapt and change much more quickly. You need to develop systems with agility built in.

Featured Speakers

Philip Carter

Philip Carter

IDC Chief Analyst

Neil Sholay

Neil Sholay

Vice President of Digital Innovation, Oracle

True HR Innovation

Building a Culture of Innovation

Build a Culture of Innovation

Starting with HR, build a culture of innovation within your organisation to redefine your employees’ experience.

How Innovation is Aligned with Growth

Innovation Is Aligned with Growth

Gain insights as to the exact role different types of innovation play in driving business growth.

Defining Human Capital Management Innovation

Defining Human Capital Management Innovation

Learn why HR needs to embrace agility within their organisation’s culture in order to foster innovation.