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HR’s Ability to Extract Insights from Data

Only 32% of CHROs are highly confident in their ability to extract meaningful insights from data. Learn how this affects organisations in this Tomorrow Talk episode featuring Oracle’s Alexandria Doneth-Dodds and IDC’s, Sandra Ng.

Effective Insights from Data


Data and Digital Need to Be at the Core of the Talent Acquisition Process

If HR really wants to accelerate its organisation’s market competitiveness, they need to experience every step of the candidate journey through digital native minds.


Building Trust with HR Insights from Employee Data

Although HR generates a huge amount of insights from employees, trust is stopping it from properly utilising this data in an effective way.


Building the Workforce of the Future with Data

When HR automates repetitive tasks it can focus on personalising the journey required to attract top talent of the future, today.


Training Required to Implement Innovative Technologies

With access to new technologies like AI, HR can become truly digital. By embracing new data sources and acknowledging the risks, organisations can prosper.

Featured Speakers

Sandra NG

Sandra NG

Group Vice President, IDC

Alex Doneth-Dodds

Alex Doneth-Dodds

Program Lead, Oracle

Learn from Employee Data Insights

Can we Trust Businesses with Employee Data?

Can We Trust Businesses with Employee Data?

With HR feeling less accountable for securing employee data than other departments, who can we really trust?

Why HR Leaders Need Data-Management Strategies

Why HR Leaders Need Data-Management Strategies

Understand what this means for organisations when only 40% of HR leaders have a data management strategy in place.

Securing Sensitive Data the Right Way

Securing Sensitive Data the Right Way

Progressive organisations wanting to attract and retain top talent need to get better at securing sensitive employee data.

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