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Întrebări frecvente

Experts Discuss Scaling Innovation for Growth

Experts from IDC and Oracle talk about the role of different types of innovation in driving growth. They also discuss the CIO as the custodian of the innovation pipeline, with a remit to execute ideas from all kinds of sources.

Tomorrow Talks: Part 2


Scale innovation for growth

The role of the CIO as custodian of the innovation pipeline.


Prioritise innovation

Lining up innovation with broader strategic priorities.


Measure the impact of innovation

Ways of quantifying the progress of innovation projects.


The CIO has hero potential

Executing ideas in the marketplace.

Featured Speakers

Philip Carter

Philip Carter

IDC Chief Analyst

Neil Sholay

Neil Sholay

Vice President of Digital Innovation, Oracle

IT and Scaling for Innovation

Establishing a Culture of Innovation

Establish a Culture of Innovation

Experts discuss the stages of innovation and how IT should be involved early.

The Successful Innovation Agenda

5,000 executives across 24 markets reveal their views on innovation in this data analysis of growth and innovation.

Inspiring Innovation Stories

Discover the latest thinking on driving business through innovation using Oracle Cloud.

Innovation Made Easy

Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud

Advance Your Innovation Agenda with Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse

IT can create time to innovate with scalable, fast, no-admin Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse. See for yourself.

Autonomous Transaction Processing Cloud

Innovate with Agility Using Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing

Give yourself the freedom and agility to innovate with fast, flexible Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing. See what we’re talking about.

Compute Cloud

Experience Fast, Scalable Compute Resources Today with Oracle Compute

Enjoy compute capacity and control without compromise—as and when you need them—with Oracle Compute Cloud Service. Get the details you need.