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Întrebări frecvente

Effective Insights from Trustworthy Data

Do you want more powerful insights from your data? Are you looking for ways to make your data more secure? Hear how you can do this using technology, AI, machine learning, and automation in a secure, compliant, and sustainable way.

Get Effective Insights From Data


Effective Insights from Trustworthy Data— Obstacles

58% of IT leaders struggle to extract insights from data; the focus must be on AI, machine learnig and automation.


IT’s Top Challenges

Complex problems at scale, irrelevant IT metrics, and overloaded and out-gunned help desks.


New Capabilities for Adding Value

Data use best practices for everyone, and managing rapidly scaling and complex environments.


How CIOs Can Transform IT into a Business Enabler

Adopt secure cloud services to scale offerings and measure IT performance with accessible metrics.

Featured Speakers

Sandra NG

Sandra NG

Group Vice President, IDC

Diana Fernandez

Diana Fernandez

Senior Director Cloud Business Development, Oracle

Business and Data Trust

Building Trust in Data

Building Trust in Data

IDC and Oracle experts discuss responsibilities when a company’s reputation depends on data security and practices.

IT Leaders Have their Say on Data

IT Leaders Have Their Say on Data

Research reveals IT executives’ views about data in connection with security, ethics, and visualisation.

Data’s Like Gold and We Must Keep It Secure

Data Is Like Gold— We Must Keep It Secure

Current thinking on responsibility for data security and management, and whether we’re extracting value from it.

Trust Your Data Security

Autonomous Database Cloud

Manage Data with Oracle Autonomous Database for Higher Security

IT can be sure all data is strongly encrypted and access monitored and controlled, protecting from external attacks and unauthorised internal access.

CASB Cloud

Cloud Access Security Broker for Secure Access to Data in the Cloud

Give your IT team the security automation tool they need, with visibility into your entire cloud stack.