Data Science and Machine Learning Approach Workshop

Learn how AI, machine learning, and data science can advance your organization’s goals at this interactive, targeted workshop.

Our team will bring the expertise, you bring your ideas. The result: A business-led, data-science-driven journey of discovery showing how Oracle’s cutting-edge AI technology delivers for your company.

Data Science & Machine Learning Approach Workshop


Oracle’s Data Science and Machine Learning Approach Workshop takes participants on a journey, from freeform idea generation to mapping concepts to practical AI and ML techniques to developing a formula to assess the business value behind each potential solution. This is done in a fun and interactive way, with lots of relevant customer examples that show how companies just like yours are benefiting from Oracle’s AI and ML capabilities.

Our promise: Spend just 90 minutes with Oracle AI and data science specialists and emerge with a prioritised list of high-value AI and ML use cases.

See Oracle Cloud Infrastructure in action and gain the insights needed to transform AI and data science concepts into practical projects that quickly deliver business value. This workshop is designed for current Oracle Cloud Infrastructure customers with AI and machine learning objectives.

Workshop approach

Together with Oracle experts, you will explore how to design and implement AI, ML, and data science projects using a team approach. We will:

  • Discuss key AI and data science concepts that will spark innovative ideas on how to use these technologies in your organisation.
  • Brainstorm and Prioritize use cases in a structured environment, mapping exactly how they will generate business value through innovation.
  • Reveal how and where Oracle can help by explaining the latest cloud capabilities and providing project examples.
  • Recommend next steps to create new business strategies or improve existing ones with an AI mindset.

Data Science and Machine Learning Approach Workshop

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