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Oracle Fusion Analytics

Fusion Analytics is a family of prebuilt, cloud native analytics applications for Oracle Cloud Applications that provides line-of-business users with ready-to-use insights to improve decision-making. Teams in HR, finance, operations, sales, and marketing departments can collaborate around a single, trusted view of business performance.

Unify your business with prebuilt analytics

  • Access all your important KPIs in one place

    Get a library of ready-to-use, best practice KPIs across HR, finance, supply chain, and CX to make quick and collaborative decisions.

  • Get connected, consistent data across departments

    Gain a prebuilt, single analytics data model for all your Oracle Cloud Applications data that is extensible to include any external data.

  • Predict how business processes affect company goals

    Leverage prebuilt machine learning to predict business outcomes, mitigate risk, and detect anomalies.

infographic thumbnail - Learn 5 ways analytics can unify your entire business Tired of data silos? Want a holistic view of business performance?

Learn about the importance of cross-departmental analytics

Fusion Analytics products

Uncover underlying drivers to improve financial performance

Improve the use of working capital, better control business expenditures, and uncover underlying drivers of profitability with a prebuilt analytics solution for Oracle Cloud ERP. Delve deep into sophisticated analytics covering topics, such as general ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable, spend, employee expenses, and procurement.

ERP Analytics coverage
  • General ledger
  • Accounts receivable
  • Accounts payable
  • Fixed assets
  • Procurement
  • Spend
  • Employee expense
  • Projects

Ready-to-use workforce insights

Improve decisions related to diversity, employee attrition and retention, talent acquisition, compensation, performance, skills, internal mobility, and more with a prebuilt analytics solution for Oracle Cloud HCM.

HCM Analytics coverage
  • Workforce management
  • Talent acquisition
  • Talent profiles and skills
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Career mobility
  • Retention and turnover
  • Performance management
  • Compensation

Improve supply chain efficiency

Uncover underlying drivers to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and ensure customer satisfaction with a prebuilt analytics solution for Oracle Cloud SCM. Supply chain professionals can enrich their analytics—without having to code—by using embedded machine learning and additional data from other sources beyond Oracle Cloud SCM.

SCM Analytics coverage
  • Order management
  • Inventory
  • Procurement
  • Spend

Combine sales, marketing, and service data in a unified analytic solution

Promote a seamless customer experience from lead to contract through renewal. Unite CX data from every application or source for trusted numbers across the board. Connect to Oracle Fusion Cloud CX data sources or import external files for secure, governed analysis.

CX Analytics coverage
  • Sales pipeline
  • Win-loss analysis
  • Lead prioritization
  • Sales activity
  • Quote efficiency
  • Subscription pipeline
  • Campaign efficiency
  • Service effectiveness

Capabilities to empower your organization

Oracle Fusion Analytics is designed to get up and running quickly. By unifying all Oracle Cloud Application data, it provides a single, common view of performance across departments—no coding required.

Click to expand each capability area to learn more.

Prebuilt for a fast start
Ready-to-use, best practice KPIs, metrics, and dashboards

Quickly assess and track business performance with more than 1,000 ready-to-use, best practice key performance indicators (KPIs), metrics, dashboards, and reports across Oracle Cloud Applications (ERP, HCM, and SCM) source data.

Prebuilt data model and pipeline for Oracle Cloud Applications

Eliminate time-consuming design, deployment, and integration tasks using prebuilt native integration with Oracle Cloud Applications and a prebuilt data model to reduce errors with data consistency.

Inherited role-based security from Oracle Cloud Applications to protect your information

Control and secure access to data based on role-specific permissions and controls that are imported from Oracle Cloud Applications. Eliminate the need for manual configuration and ensure personalized usage.

Automatic updates consistent with Oracle Cloud Application updates

Oracle Fusion Analytics stays current when the source Oracle Cloud Application is upgraded with new releases. It eliminates the need for manual upgrades and synchronization as all custom extensions are preserved across upgrades.

Cross-departmental and unified
Eliminate siloes with one analytical data model

Leverage a single, extensible data model for analytics across Oracle Cloud ERP, Oracle Cloud HCM, and Oracle Cloud SCM applications.
Learn about the unified data model.

Increase visibility into your entire business

Monitor business performance across different departments using prebuilt KPIs in a unified dashboard view.
See finance and HR analytics demo (2:17)

Facilitate collaboration for better decision-making

Help all departments collaborate more effectively. With a common view of the data, teams can understand the business impact of decisions and take coordinated action.

cross functional
Extensible and customizable
Create custom visualizations and reports with self-service tools

Use all your data to tell a cohesive story by dragging and dropping relevant objects from business subject areas of Oracle Cloud application data or any available datasource.
Learn how to customize

Extend analyses with additional datasources

Easily include diverse sources of data into your analysis with more than 50 native, self-service connectors to access other Oracle and non-Oracle datasources.
Explore data extensibility capabilities

Support a single source of truth for all your data

Load additional datasources in the same data repository as your Oracle Cloud Applications data to govern and curate all your data together.
Read the unified story

Machine learning for all
Discover insights with explainable machine learning

Examine any dataset to quickly identify meaningful business drivers and data anomalies—with just a few clicks and no coding. Jump-start new, deeper analyses of your data with automatic visualizations.
See machine learning in action (3:07)

Easily apply prebuilt advanced analytics with a few clicks

Access algorithms—such as forecasts, outliers, clustering, tread line, sentiment analysis, graph analysis, and affinity analysis—to uncover the hidden insights in your data.

Get started quickly with prebuilt predictive modeling functions

Build and train models to predict a target value or identify classes of records—no coding required.

Run more advanced models with a platform built for data scientists

Data scientists can use Oracle Machine Learning, an enterprise-scale data science platform that’s included with Fusion Analytics, to run ML models within the database where data resides. This platform includes more than thirty ML algorithms to provide automated, no-code ML and natural interfaces to SQL, R, and Python.

machine learning
Intuitive user experience
Create personalized dashboards based on your needs

Personalize user experience by selecting KPIs from the KPI library to add to dashboards, setting alerts thresholds and notifications to target goals, and filtering to set context.

Get answers on the go with voice-driven analytics

Ask questions in natural language with a simple, search-like experience—using text or voice—and obtain visual answers or spoken narratives of the results. The mobile app uses natural language processing supporting 28 different languages.
See voice-driven analytics demo (2:20)

Generate textual narratives

Fusion Analytics can generate textual narratives that explain the results of any query or visualization using natural-language-generation capabilities.
Explore natural language capabilities

intuitive user experience
We chose Oracle Fusion Analytics because it provides a centralized data repository for our Oracle ecosystem data, with built-in KPIs, ML, and AI capability.
Tom Cullen, CIO, Corsair

Oracle Fusion Analytics customer successes

Customers across a wide range of industries use Oracle Fusion Analytics.

January 6, 2022

How much is your disconnected ERP and HCM data costing you?

Stephanie Foster, Senior Director, Cross SaaS and Industry Product Marketing

Did you know a recent Harvard Business Review survey found that 86% of respondents said siloed data prevents their CFOs, CHROs, and CIOs from making informed workforce decisions? And a HR Research Institute study shows that only 21% of surveyed organizations have the ability to blend HR data with non-HR data, such as finance or operations data; and of those nearly 50% have barely used [data] integration. The same study concluded that organizations seldom make high or very high use of predictive analytics.

Read the complete post

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