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Oracle Cloud VMware Solution

Oracle Cloud VMware Solution provides a customer managed, native VMware-based cloud environment, installed within a customer’s tenancy. It offers complete control using familiar VMware tools. Move or extend VMware-based workloads to the cloud without rearchitecting applications or retooling operations.

Virtual Cloud Summit: Oracle Cloud - The Ideal Platform For VMware

Business and technology experts from Oracle and VMware offer perspectives on why Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is the ideal platform for VMware workloads.

VMworld: Oracle Cloud VMware Solution and Industry Trends

Larry Ellison, Executive Chairman and CTO of Oracle, and Raghu Raghuram, CEO of VMware, address cloud trends and Oracle Cloud VMware Solution.

TechTarget: Choosing the Optimal Cloud Service for VMware Estates

Learn how Oracle Cloud VMware Solution (OCVS) provides 1:1 consistency between cloud and on-premises VMware environments.

Oracle Cloud VMware Solution features

Run VMware workloads natively on Oracle Cloud

Migrate VMware estate

Oracle Cloud VMware Solution allows customers to move VMware workloads to Oracle Cloud without having to modify them. Customers gain scale and agility while maintaining continuity with existing VMware-based tools, processes, and policies.

Innovate on your timeline

Migrate applications without having to make changes now, and later use Oracle Cloud services ranging from Oracle Autonomous Database to chatbots to modernize your applications.

Run production applications in the cloud

Oracle Cloud VMware Solution is built for enterprise applications supported on VMware and running on enterprise-class server processors, including applications from Oracle and other enterprise platforms.

Disaster recovery where needed

Oracle Cloud VMware Solution is deployable into all commercial (nongovernmental) Oracle Cloud Regions. Replicate or backup to the location of your choosing.

VMware Cloud verified

Oracle Cloud VMware Solution is VMware Cloud Verified. Run your VMware Cloud Foundation on Oracle’s next-generation cloud, while retaining full VMware administrative access and compatibility with VMware vCenter.

Dedicated environment with full control

Complete control over the cloud stack

Oracle Cloud VMware Solution provides customers self-service provisioning with full administrative permissions including root access. Root access provides complete control over the entire hardware and software environment.

Isolated and dedicated

Oracle Cloud VMware Solution is a single-tenant solution, perfect for customers whose workloads demand isolated infrastructure and wish to avoid the resource contention found in competitive, multitenant environments.

Security-first architecture

Reduce risks with Oracle Cloud's security-first design architecture that utilizes built-in tenant isolation, least privilege access, and data encryption at rest. With Oracle Cloud VMware Solution, there are no ‘managed service’ security implications to consider, and access is private and entirely under your control.

Use the same VMware tools you use today

Familiar application management

VMware-based applications running on premises can be managed the same way on Oracle Cloud—using a single, integrated view.

No retraining required

Leverage your existing skill sets with the tools you’re already using on-premises, including vSphere, vCenter Server, vSAN, NSX, and HCX.

Seamless cloud migration

Extend your tested and proven on-premises IT deployment architectures and processes. Configure your cloud environment to match on-premises and keep them in-sync.

Leverage VMware best practices

Rely on VMware best practices with native tool integration and minimize disruption when moving to the cloud.

Ease of operations

Avoid modifying applications

Rely on a single VMware specification that works both on-premises and in the cloud. Avoid effort spent porting applications, refactoring code, or resolving configuration differences.

Rely on native VMware tools

Use the native VMware tools you’re already familiar with to manage your infrastructure and migration needs, minimizing organizational impact.

Leverage existing skill sets

Minimize change and impact on your workforce—Oracle Cloud VMware Solution is designed to work with your existing VMware skill set and tooling.

Leverage adjacent Oracle Cloud services

Containers and microservices

Modernize parts or all of your application stacks with native access to Container Engine for Kubernetes and Oracle Functions.

Cloud database management

Increase service levels and reduce overhead with a broad array of cloud databases such as Oracle Exadata, Autonomous Data Warehouse, Autonomous Transaction Processing, Oracle NoSQL Database, and more.

Business analytics and data science

Easily provide robust business analytics and data science capabilities to your business while leveraging the latest bare metal or virtual machine (VM) GPUs.

Flexible and powerful compute

Tackle general applications with new E3 flexible shapes, where customers specify the exact number of cores desired, from 1-64 OCPUs. Handle the highest performance workloads with the most powerful Intel, AMD, and NVIDIA-based bare metal machines available.

Networking and connectivity

Fast, reliable, and secure networking for performance-sensitive applications such as online transaction processing (OLTP), high-performance computing (HPC), and real-time streaming. Low-cost private connectivity to your facilities with FastConnect.

Block, object, file, and NVMe storage

Efficiently address all your storage needs with cloud-based block, object, file, archive, and local NVMe storage. Migrate with Data Transfer Appliance.

High-performance, elastic, and verified

Powerful bare metal hardware

Oracle Cloud VMware Solution’s bare metal compute instances provide customers with 156 cores, the highest CPU core count available for any VMware-based solution in the market today.

High-speed virtual cloud network

Oracle virtual cloud networks (VCN) provide a customizable and private network just like a traditional data center network. Easily access adjacent Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Cloud services from your Oracle Cloud VMware Solution environment.

Elastic capacity

Scale large VMware deployments from 3 nodes to the current VMware limit of 64 hosts to accommodate growth.

Designed, built, and supported by Oracle

VMware Cloud verified. Compatible with the VMware ecosystem.

Getting started with Oracle Cloud VMware Solution

TIM Brasil Selects Oracle and Microsoft to Migrate All of its Datacenter Workloads to the Cloud

“Using a multicloud strategy, we are the first carrier in Brazil to move 100% of our workloads to the cloud. It includes moving our customer billing system, our CRM, and VMware to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Oracle has been a fantastic partner in our technology evolution.”

Pietro Labriola
CEO, TIM Brasil

Rumo Runs Brazilian Railroad Operations on Oracle Cloud

“We were able to rapidly migrate mission-critical applications from our data centers to Oracle Cloud VMware Solution with no changes to applications, databases, and middleware. Higher performance, stability, management, and access have resulted in IT productivity and business agility with lower costs than alternative solutions.”

Christofer Faccin
IT Manager, Rumo Malha Norte

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Partner Ecosystem

Discover Oracle Cloud VMware solution ecosystem.

Oracle Cloud VMware Solution use cases

  • Migrate VMware workloads to the cloud

    Migrate to the cloud—without compromising your proven architectures and processes—while maintaining a single, integrated view to manage your cloud or hybrid environment.

    Read the solution playbook

  • Hybrid cloud with native VMware tools

    Gain capacity and flexibility with your hybrid cloud by using familiar management and migration tools such as vCenter, ESXi, vSAN, and vMotion.

    View the hybrid cloud solution playbook

  • Business continuity and disaster recovery

    Gain resiliency for business continuity and disaster recovery with vSphere by bridging existing infrastructure to an alternate site on Oracle Cloud.

    Read the disaster recovery solution playbook

Oracle VMware Cloud Solution technology center

Migrate to the Cloud
Migrate to the cloud

Learn more about migrating your VMware environment to OCI

Deploy a hybrid environment
Deploy a hybrid environment

Move workloads between on-premises environments and OCI with Oracle VMware Cloud solution

VMware Software-Defined Data Center for disaster protection
VMware Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) for disaster protection

Understand Oracle Cloud VMware Solution for disaster recovery

Deploy VMware SDDC on OCI
Deploy VMware SDDC on OCI

See how to prepare and deploy your SDDC on OCI

Maximize virtual machine flexibility
Maximize virtual machine flexibility

Explore different deployment options of your VMs on OCI

Deploy a multitier application stack
Deploy a multitier application stack

Operate VMware workloads in the public cloud while maintaining full control

Why Choose Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) for VMware Workloads

Oracle Cloud VMware Solution is your implementation of VMware running on top of OCI – secured, managed, and controlled by you. Full control means the migration of your VMware workloads can be done on your terms.

Oracle logo
Oracle Cloud VMware Solution
AWS, Azure, GCP logos
VMware services with other cloud vendors
Bring entire on-premises implementation to public cloud
Full transfer of skills, tools, and processes
Different processes and experience than on-premises VMware
Same visibility and access as on-premises
SSH access to hypervisor
Configure hosts, clusters, and management VMs
Edit vSAN cluster settings
Browse datastores; upload and delete files
No or limited administrative access
Customer controls upgrade policy (version, time, defer)
Supports databases certified on previous version of VMware
Stay compliant with third party add-on’s
Vendor decides VMware version
Customer negotiates upgrade window
Host type available in all regions
Disaster recovery where needed
Scale business-critical apps across the globe
Not all host types available in all regions
Deployed inside customer’s virtual cloud network
Full control over network security policy
Deployed in separate virtual private cloud
No end-to-end control over network security policy
No Oracle access after provisioning
Vendor retains security credentials
User interactions and behavior not tracked nor recorded
User interactions and behavior tracked and recorded via “Experience Analytics” tools
30 total regions
Up to 17 total regions
5 government regions
Up to 1 government region
Not certified for FedRAMP High ATO (Azure VMware Solution and Google Cloud VMware Engine)
Not certified for DISA IL5
8 cloud regions connected to Azure
AWS and GCP not connected to Azure
Available on Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer
Shipping since August 2020
Not shipping on VMware Cloud on AWS Outposts (Beta)

Cloud VMware Solution pricing

Oracle Cloud VMware Solution*

Commitment duration
List price per host
Effective hourly price
On-Demand (hourly) $12.67 per hour $12.67 per hour
1-month Commitment $7,857 per month $10.56 per hour
1-year Commitment $74,013 for 1 year $8.45 for hour
3-year Commitment $180,407 for 3 years $6.86 per hour
*Host specifications: Densel052; Cores/host: 52; Memory/host (GiB): 768; Storage: NVMe with ~51 TiB raw storage capacity

VMware Cloud and Oracle additional resources

Getting started with Oracle Cloud VMware Solution

Migrate VMware to the cloud

Hybrid cloud with VMware

Disaster recovery and cloud VMware

Get started with Cloud VMware Solution

Connect VMware with Oracle Cloud

Connect one or more physical locations such as a corporate headquarters or a remote branch office with Oracle Cloud.

Tell us about your VMware needs

Let us tell you more about VMware and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.