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Cloud Coaching On Demand

Greetings, and welcome to the Cloud Coaching videos page. Here, you'll embark on a journey through various resources crafted by Oracle Cloud Specialists, covering a diverse array of services and technologies.

Cloud Coaching On Demand

Check out the upcoming live interactive Cloud Coaching sessions.

App Dev

Jenkins Meets Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes (OKE)

This workshop will show you how Jenkins can be provisioned in a modern and cloud native way, focusing on concepts such as IaC, CasC, pipeline as code, and stateless Kubernetes agents.

Alberto Campagna, Cloud Native Application Development Specialist

How to Build a Transactional Cloud Native Microservice

Learn the essentials of building cloud native microservices that are designed for high availability, scalability, and resilience. Explore the key principles, tools, and best practices to create transactional microservices that enable rapid development and deployment.

Sid Joshi, Director Product Management, Linux OS and Virtualization Engineering

Dmitry Aleksandrov, Software Developer , Weblogic Server

Go Native with Spring Boot 3

Dive into the latest features and enhancements of Spring Boot 3, harnessing the power of native cloud development. Discover how Spring Boot simplifies building resilient and efficient applications while leveraging the capabilities of cloud environments.

Ewan Slater, Senior Principal Product Manager, Oracle Labs - Development

Using NFT and FT Tokens in Oracle Blockchain

Explore the exciting world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and fungible tokens (FTs) within the context of Oracle Blockchain. Learn how to create and manage these tokens, unlocking new possibilities for digital assets, identity, and secure transactions.

Jorge Villena Portella , Cloud Native App Development Specialist

Carlos Alberto Giraldo , Cloud Native App Development Specialist

Overview of the Canary and Blue Green Deployment Pipelines

Uncover the strategies behind Canary and Blue Green deployment pipelines and their benefits in managing software releases. Gain insights into how these approaches minimize risks and ensure seamless updates in modern application development.

Liana Lixandru, Digital Adoption Manager

How to Simplify Hyperledger Development with Oracle Blockchain App Builder

Learn how Oracle Blockchain App Builder streamlines the development of Hyperledger-based blockchain applications. Discover tools and techniques to accelerate your development process, making it easier to create and deploy decentralised applications.

Ivan Delić, Application Development Specialist

Build, Deploy, and Run Your First Micronaut Serverless Application in OCI Functions

Step into the world of serverless architecture with Micronaut and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Functions. Follow along as you build, deploy, and run your first serverless application, harnessing the efficiency and scalability benefits of this modern paradigm.

Liana Lixandru, Digital Adoption Manager

Hybrid Container Management Platform—Deep Dive

Take a deep dive into managing hybrid containers with precision.

Angus Myles , Senior Manager, Oracle Solution Center

Sid Joshi, Director Product Management, Linux OS and Virtualization Engineering

Arif Saddiq, Principal Sales Consultant, Oracle Solution Center

Mark Mundy, Cloud Solution Architect, Oracle Solution Center

How You Can Run WebLogic on Kubernetes Smoothly

This video guides you through the process of seamlessly deploying and managing WebLogic applications in a Kubernetes environment, ensuring efficient scaling, high availability, and optimal performance.

Ivan Delić, Application Development Specialist

Automate Deployments Terraform Infrastructure and Run Furiously Fast Cloud Native Java

This video showcases how to streamline the deployment process, ensuring efficient scaling and rapid execution of Java applications with Terraform.

Ivan Delić, Application Development Specialist

Simplify Enterprise-Grade Operations at Scale with Serverless Kubernetes and More

Learn more about the new capabilities of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Container Engine for Kubernetes. Dive deeper into the virtual nodes capability that delivers a serverless Kubernetes experience and understand how you can use them.

Rishikesh Palve , Principal Product Manager OCI Containers and Kubernetes services.

Fernando Harris , Cloud Native Application Development Specialist

Get Started with OCI Service Mesh

In this video, we’ll explain how Oracle Cloud Infrastructure has implemented the service mesh and the sidecar concept.

Marta Tolosa, Application development specialist leader Containers and Kubernetes services.

Mika Rinne , Application development specialist

How to built your Oracle Graal Cloud Native microservices

Introduction to Oracle Graal Cloud Native.

Liana Lixandru, Digital Adoption Manager

AI and App Innovation

Train Your AI Model

In this video, we will explore AI on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

Anshuman Panda , Digital Adoption Manager

Carlos Giraldo, Senior Manager Network Region Build

Automating Invoice Handling Using OIC and AI Document Understanding Service

In this demo, we will show how you can use OCI AI Document Understanding service's pretrained models to extract key information from invoices and use Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) to automate the whole process, including kick-starting process workflows where human intervention is required.

Harris Qureshi, AI & App Integration Specialist

Conversational User Experiences with OCI AI Services

Learn how to create engaging and intuitive conversational user experiences using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure AI services.

Anshuman Panda , Digital Adoption Manager

The Art of the Possible with Oracle Digital Assistant

Embark on a journey of possibilities with Oracle Digital Assistant, a powerful platform for creating intelligent and interactive chatbots and virtual assistants.

Anshuman Panda , Digital Adoption Manager

Building a Multicloud Event-Driven Service Request Feeds Solution Using No-Code Integration

Learn how to use a no-code approach with Oracle Integration Cloud's prebuilt connectors and connectivity agent as a key enabler for multicloud integration and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Streaming (Kafka-like event service).

Juan Carlos Gonzales Carrero, Business Process Innovation Specialist

Oracle Integration Cloud Feature: Parallel Action

This feature allows the path of an integration to be split into multiple branches. When all tasks are completed, all branches are automatically synchronised and merged at their termination points in the parallel action and the main path of the integration is resumed.

Harris Qureshi, AI & App Integration Specialist

Oracle Integration Cloud Feature: Projects

Enterprises often have hundreds of integrations to manage and monitor. Developers want to focus on specific integration components involved with an automated business process. With OIC Projects, all related integrations and their components are in a single, unified workspace.

Harris Qureshi, AI & App Integration Specialist

Oracle Integration Cloud Feature: Publish and Subscribe Events

This video will provide an overview of Events, a feature of Oracle Integration Cloud. Learn how you can use it to create, publish, and subscribe integration pattern.

Harris Qureshi, AI & App Integration Specialist

AI-Based & Real-Time Gmail Invoice Documents Processing into Oracle Fusion ERP Cloud

How can you speed up your Account Payable Invoice Processing Cycle? Document Understanding and OCI Intelligent Automation Engine running on top of Oracle Fusion ERP Cloud can help.

Juan Carlos Gonzales Carrero, Business Process Innovation Specialist

Oracle Integration Cloud - Feature - Recipes

Recipes are pre-built integrations covering a certain use case scenario. A recipe contains all the resources required for a specific integration scenario. The resources include integration flows, connections, lookups, and certificates. Use a recipe to quickly get started building an integration.

Harris Qureshi, AI & App Integration Specialist

Multi-Cloud Employee New Hire Feeds from Oracle HCM Cloud into Azure Data Lake

Join us and learn how to use a no-code approach with Oracle Integration Cloud's prebuilt connectors and connectivity agent as a key enabler for mulit-cloud integrations, to Enable a Multi-Cloud, Near Real-Time and Event-Driven Employee New Hire Delta Feeds solution from Oracle HCM Cloud into Azure Blob Storage (Data Lake Gen 2).

Juan Carlos Gonzales Carrero, Business Process Innovation Specialist

Cloud Architecture

Automate Disaster Recovery Orchestration using OCI Full Stack Disaster Recovery

Discover how to achieve seamless disaster recovery with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Full Stack Disaster Recovery.

Suraj Ramesh, Principal Product Manager

Cloud Infrastructure

Identity and Access Management services

The workshop will do a deep dive into the unified capabilities of Oracle Identity and Access Management (IAM).

Michael Fischer, Oracle Security Specialist

Sandeep Khedekar, Oracle Security Specialist

Implementing Public and Private DNS on OCI

In this workshop, you’ll learn about public and private domain name system (DNS) services in OCI and how DNS can increase security and resilience on public and private networks.

Carlos Santo, Cloud Networking Specialist

Introduction to Oracle Cloud Migrations

This video covers the fundamentals of planning, executing, and optimising successful cloud migrations, ensuring a smooth transition to the Oracle Cloud environment.

Richard Garsthagen, Cloud VMware Solutions Specialist

Deploying a VMware SDDC in Oracle Cloud

Explore the process of deploying a software-defined data center (SDDC) using VMware technology within Oracle Cloud.

Ravindra Kumar, Cloud VMware Solutions Specialist

Devendra Gawal, Cloud VMware Solutions Specialist

How to Monitor and Inspect Your Oracle Network Traffic Flow

This video guides you through leveraging monitoring tools to ensure network security, optimise performance, and troubleshoot connectivity issues.

Paolo Ramasso, Cloud Networking Specialist

How To Be Cost Effective on Oracle Cloud

This video offers valuable insights and practical tips to effectively manage your cloud resources, ensuring cost effectiveness without compromising performance.

Radu Chiru, Digital Adoption Manager

The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure DBA Dashboard

Gain visibility and control over your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure environment with the DBA dashboard.

Patrick Agreiter, Principal Account Cloud Engineer

Running AI on NVIDIA A10 GPUs in Oracle Cloud

Yann Caniou, Oracle AI Infra/GPU Specialist

Nicolas Savides, Global CSP Alliances Manager ( Nvidia)

Dora Csillag, Senior Solutions Architect and Deep Learning Specialist (Nvidia)

Architecting Seamless Cloud Networking on OCI

Learn about advanced routing, network-level workload segregation, RPCs, and best practices for designing resilient network architectures.

Luis Catalan Hernandez, OCI networking specialist, EMEA

Effortless Cloud Resilience—Automate Your Disaster Recovery with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

This video demonstrates how to effortlessly implement a robust disaster recovery strategy, leveraging cloud native capabilities to ensure your applications and data remain resilient and available.

Heinz Mielimonka, Cloud Storage Specialist

Mastering Oracle Database Service for Azure: a Comprehensive Guide

In this video, you’ll learn about the initial Oracle Database Service for Azure signup, provisioning of Base Database service with Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC), and easy-to-use Azure integration for application connectivity and use of native operational tools.

Ejaz Akram, Multicloud Specialist at Oracle

Securing Your Applications Against Cyberattacks with OCI Web Application Firewall

In this video, you’ll see how OCI Web Application Firewall’s powerful features can help secure applications from malicious/DDOS attacks trying to exploit code-level vulnerabilities such as SQL injection and other OWASP Top Ten vulnerabilities.

Cristian Sarafoleanu Cloud Networking Specialist

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Network Firewall Overview

Learn more about Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Network Firewall, our next-generation managed network firewall and intrusion detection and prevention service for your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure VCN.

Sachin Sharma, Cloud Networking Specialist

Multicloud Office Hour - Reference Architectures

Multicloud is a cloud computing strategy that uses the best services from more than one cloud provider to deploy a solution. The strategy is typically driven by workload, business, and data governance requirements.

Vittorio Garbuglio, Director, Head of Cloud Engineering and MultiCloud Adoption, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Automate your OCI Multicloud connectivity with Equinix

Ejaz Akram, Multicloud Specialist Oracle EMEA

Ricardo Anda, Multicloud Specialist Oracle EMEA

David Tairych, Senior Digital Technical Specialist- Equinix

Data Platform

OCI GoldenGate Capture Data from Azure Event Hubs to Autonomous Database

OCI GoldenGate is based on a microservices architecture that leverages REST APIs. Learn how to capture data from Azure Event Hubs and load into Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse in real time.

Elói Lopes, Data Integration Specialist

Building an Oracle Modern Data Warehouse to Accelerate Innovation with Data

Leverage all your data to innovate and drive business outcomes.

Javier de la Torre Medina, Oracle Autonomous Database specialist

Unlock the Power of Your Data with Oracle

In this workshop, we will look at Oracle Autonomous JSON Database (AJD) and the database API for MongoDB. This API allows you to connect to Oracle Database from standard tools such as Mongo Shell or Compass, as well as from any custom program written using a MongoDB API or driver.

Roger Ford, Principal Product Manager

Unlock the Power of Oracle APEX

This video will introduce you to the power of native low code and how it can revolutionise your manual processes and workflows. We will explore how Oracle APEX can help your business become more agile, streamline complex processes, and revolutionise the way you do business.

Piotr Kurzynoga, Data Development Specialist

Migrate Your Oracle Database to OCI using Zero-Downtime Migration (ZDM)

This video will give you a firsthand look at how to complete both physical and logical online migrations. We will provide demos so you can see each step of the process.

Bilegt Bat-Ochir, Oracle Soluiton Center

Amalraj Puthenchira, Cloud Data Management Specialist

Going Autonomous to Accelerate Developer Productivity for Oracle Database

Learn how to use the powerful tools of OCI to improve the resilience and availability of your systems.

German Viscuso, Director of community management

What's New in APEX 22.2?

In this video, we will share a comprehensive overview of the features introduced with this release and will include several demonstrations of our new capabilities.

Chaitanya KoratamaddiDirector of Product Management / Strategy for Oracle APEX

Toufiq MohammedSenior Product Manager for Oracle APEX

Set Up Your Oracle Database Migration to OCI in the Blink of an Eye

We’ll explore OCI Database Migration and its capabilities, highlighting how to perform the registration of the source and target databases within the service. You’ll also learn how to perform a premigration evaluation and how to create and execute a database migration workflow.

Amalraj Puthenchira, Modernise Specialist

Quentin Jansen, Autonomous Database Specialist

Marcus Doeringer, Modernise Specialist

How to Survive an Oracle Database Failure Without Your Users Ever Noticing

Learn how to mask unplanned database outages and avoid application downtime during database planned maintenance. Learn how to recover in-flight database sessions with OCI’s state-of-the art technologies, such as Oracle Real Application Clusters, Active Data Guard, and Application Continuity.

Amalraj Puthencira, Modernise Specialist

Race the Time to Create a Formula 1 App using Oracle APEX

In this demo, we’ll take you through the creation of a Formula 1 application. The application will be built in a record time, bringing life to a subset of the Formula 1 data.

Salim Hlayel, Principal Product Manager - Database Developer Tools and Access Dev

Roopesh Thokala, Senior Product Manager, Database Developer Tools and Access Dev

Oracle Exadata Database Service Sparse Clones

Watch this demonstration of how to configure and manage Oracle Exadata Service Sparse Clones, which are used for development, testing, or other nonproduction purposes. Learn when multiple clones are required because of disk space and time savings.

Sneha Nitin Pednekar, Mission Critical Database Specialist

Using OCI CLI and Rest APIs with OCI GoldenGate

Meet the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure GoldenGate product management team. They’ll demonstrate the capabilities of Oracle’s premier replication tool for data integration, high availability, and online migrations.

Julien Testut , Senior Principal Product Manager, Data Integration Development

Tomáš Vávra , Senior Principal Product Manager, Data Integration Development

Exploring the World of Visualisation and Machine Learning Through Oracle Analytics Cloud

Delve into Oracle Analytics Cloud and its capabilities to visualise and analyse data. Discover how machine learning integration enhances data insights, enabling you to make data-driven decisions and gain deeper understanding from your data.

Nada Maguid, Digital Adoption Manager

Innovate with AI Services: Perform Image Recognition with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Vision

This video guides you through using AI services to develop image recognition solutions, enabling you to extract valuable information and insights from images to drive innovation and decision-making.

Emma Palii , Data Science Technical Specialist

Oracle Graph and Its Key 7 Use Cases

Watch a demonstration of the basic use cases for Property Graph, one of the major features of Oracle Graph. With Ryota Yamanaka, regional product manager, and Hans Viehmann, director of product management for Oracle Spatial and Graph.

Ryota Yamanaka, Regional product manager

Hans Viehmann, Director of product management for Oracle Spatial and Graph

Modernising OBIEE with the Latest Trends of Oracle Analytics Cloud

Oracle Analytics Cloud brings the benefits of a cloud native managed service with the power of security at every layer of the enterprise through governed analytics across multiple sources such as on-premises, cloud, hybrid, and multicloud.

Christian Berg, EMEA Analytics Specialist

Working with Location Data and Maps on Oracle Cloud

In this video, you’ll learn the basics of how to add location intelligence to your analytics and apps.

Karin Patenge, Sr. Principal Product Manager, Database, SQL and Analytics

Exploring Oracle Expense Analytics: A Hands-On Lab for Data-Driven Insights

In this video, you’ll learn more about how to jump-start the analytics process to create compelling business stories through the power of data.

Ionut Forlafu, Analytics specialist

Accelerate your Data Migration into Oracle Autonomous Database

Austine Otieno Ouma, Data Modernise Specialist, EMEA Data Platform Specialists team

Marcus Doeringer, Data Modernise Specialist, EMEA Data Platform Specialists team

Real Time Analytics on Oracle Data Platform FY 23

Transform your real time data into actionable insights.

Daniel Halldin , Analytical Data Platform Design Specialist

Data Transform Introduction

Oracle Data Transforms provides an easy-to-use user interface to create your data flows, data flows and workflows, without requiring you to write any code. You can drag and drop the components, that is data entities and operators, such as Join, Split, and Aggregate, on the canvas of the Data Flow editor and connect them to complete you data flow.

Elói Lopes, Data Integration Specialist, Oracle EMEA

Oracle Data Transforms - Handling Incremental Loads

Oracle Data Transforms provides an easy-to-use user interface to create data flows and workflows without requiring you to write any code. In this video, we will explore the various options for handling incremental data using Oracle Data Transforms. Learn how to get started with Oracle Data Transforms in this video.

Elói Lopes, Data Integration Specialist, Oracle EMEA

Landing Zone

A Landing Zone Blueprint to Onboard and Run OCI

Learn the key OCI design considerations against the functional, security, network, and operations view of the landing zone blueprint. View a demonstration of how quickly you can configure and run a landing zone with a new generation of Terraform modules.

José Palmeiro, Landing Zone Specialist Leader

Cosmin Tudor, Cloud Operations Specialist

OCI Onboarding with Landing Zones

Discover how to simplify the onboarding of OCI with landing zones. A standard or prescriptive landing zone is a great way to start, as it brings a set of design best practices and a ready-made solution that helps you understand and securely use OCI. We will explain the Center for Internet Security landing zone and use two deployment models to showcase it.

Paola Juarez Gomez, Cloud Operations Specialist

Cosmin Tudor, Cloud Operations Specialist

Manageability and Operations

Prometheus and Grafana for Oracle Autonomous Databases

In this video, we’ll cover Prometheus and Grafana for Oracle Autonomous Databases, which offers developers a unified observability framework based on open standards, addressing the challenge of disparate monitoring, tracing, and logging tools that make correlations difficult.

German Viscuso, Director of community management

Unveiling the Power of OCI Observability

In this video, we’ll explore some of the key observability services offered by Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, including OCI Logging, Logging Analytics, Stack Monitoring, Monitoring service, and the console dashboard.

Karthic Ravindran, Cloud Manageabilty Specialist

OCI Monitoring Integration with Third-Party SIEM

In this video, you’ll find out how to integrate your existing SIEM with OCI Monitoring capabilities by following a well-known pattern.

Olaf Heimburger, CISO specialist

Flavius Sana, Operations Advisory Specialist

Logging Analytics Within Oracle Cloud

This video provides insights into how Logging Analytics enables you to efficiently collect, analyse, and gain actionable insights from your log data, enhancing operational visibility and decision-making.

Rishabh Ghosh , Observability and Manageability Specialist

Operations Insights Service

This video showcases how Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Operations Insights empowers organisations to proactively monitor and manage their cloud resources, optimising performance, resource utilisation, and overall operational efficiency.

Rishabh Ghosh , Observability and Manageability Specialist

Integrating Enterprise Manager with Oracle Cloud using OCI Bridge

Learn how to seamlessly integrate Oracle Enterprise Manager with Oracle Cloud using OCI Bridge.

Juergen Fleischer, Master Product Manager, Management Cloud

Enrich Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control with Machine Learning

This video demonstrates how to harness machine learning to optimise performance management, automate routine tasks, and gain proactive insights, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of your IT operations.

Erika Sciunzi , Cloud Engineer – Observability and Manageability Specialist

Rishabh Ghosh , Observability and Manageability Specialist

Juergen Fleischer, Master Product Manager, Management Cloud

How to Optimise Your OCI Spending

In this session, we’ll do an in-depth exploration of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Cost Management and Governance.

Radu Chiru, Digital Adoption Manager

OCI Functions—Integration of Monitoring for Oracle Cloud

This workshop will provide an overview of OCI Functions, highlighting the its capabilities as the most versatile tool to integrate diverse monitoring tools and applications.

Flavius Sana, Operations Advisory Specialist

How to Leverage OCI Observability Tools to Gain Visibility into Your Cloud Infrastructure

Learn how to effectively utilise these tools to gain deep insights into your cloud infrastructure's performance, health, and resource utilisation, empowering you to make more informed decisions.

Adrian Alexandru Birzu, Master Principal Cloud Specialist

How to Federate IDCS and OCI Identity Domain with Azure AD and Google IdP

Some of the most popular IdPs used for SAML federation with OCI Identity and Access Management or Oracle Identity Cloud Service (IDCS) are Azure AD and Google IdP. In this video, you will learn how to federate your IDCS with an external identity provider.

Adrian Alexandru Birzu, Master Principal Cloud Specialist


Securely Run and Optimise Oracle Workloads

Learn the Oracle-recommended best practices as a secure foundation for every OCI implementation. These best practices apply to both new and existing OCI tenancies and should be implemented in addition to workload-related security requirements.

Olaf Heimburger, CISO specialist

Ghassan Tadros, Security Design Specialist, Oracle Technology Engineering EMEA

Managing Identities Across OCI IAM Azure AD and Oracle SaaS

This video will cover the details of how to enable single sign-on (SSO) between OCI Identity and Access Management and Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), Oracle Fusion Apps, and Databases. With Inge OS, CISO specialist.

Inge Os , Oracle EMEA Security Advisory Office and Domain Lead Compliance

Security-First Approach for Your OCI Tenancy

Learn about the top security misconfigurations organisations should avoid when using cloud services and follow the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Security Best Practices.

Olaf Heimburger, CISO specialist

Bachir Jreich, Cloud Secuirty Advisor

OCI Cloud Security Posture Management: Prevention and Remediation

Learn how Oracle Cloud Security Posture Management enhances your security strategy. This video focuses on proactive prevention and efficient remediation of security vulnerabilities in your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, ensuring a robust and protected environment.

Olaf Heimburger, CISO specialist

Offloading Oracle Identity Management

Discover how Oracle Identity and Access Management cloud services enable you to accelerate the development and deployment of your applications to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure by taking advantage of an enterprise-class identity management service built on open standards.

Paul Toal, OCI Security Specialist Senior Director

Olaf Heimburger, CISO specialist

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