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A Deep Dive Into IaaS Adoption

A Deep Dive Into IaaS Adoption

Oracle looks at the challenges encountered by 1,600 senior IT professionals at various stages of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) adoption, and explores how they’re overcoming these challenges to make IaaS key to their enterprise-wide IT strategies.

Learning From the Early IaaS Adopters

Many modern enterprises are embracing IaaS—migrating workloads to the cloud and retiring the on-premises architecture they once thought indispensable. To develop a more detailed picture of IaaS adoption among enterprise organisations, we surveyed 1,600 senior IT professionals.

In the past, some IT leaders have been held back from adopting IaaS by their peers, while others wanted to explore the potential gains on offer. In the first of three reports, we highlight some of the concerns of early IaaS adopters, and look at how perceptions are changing rapidly thanks to the benefits we’re beginning to see.

IaaS at an Inflection Point

Pulse Survey

To understand how the market for on-demand infrastructure solutions has matured, this first survey focuses on two areas: defining the benefits of IaaS, and identifying the challenges to adoption.

The benefits are categorised in terms of:

  • competitive priorities
  • performance improvements
  • greater innovation and agility

The barriers to adoption are categorised in terms of:

  • cost concerns
  • data security concerns
  • skills gaps.

Early IaaS adopters are now seeing performance metrics improvements, greater responsiveness to market demand, and an opportunity to rapidly innovate new models and services. As a result, these organisations have more confidence in IaaS as a key element of their IT strategies.

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