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Oracle IaaS Adoption

You & IaaS

Adopt, Disrupt and Thrive

Our latest Pulse Survey was conducted in July and August 2017, and captured the views of 1,600 senior IT professionals. The results show IaaS adoption continued to grow in the three months following the previous survey, and how attitudes to IaaS are increasingly positive.



IT departments are under constant pressure to do more with less. Now, as well as keeping the lights on, they are expected to deliver projects that create real business value. As more businesses use digital technologies to disrupt their markets, this pressure is intensifying.

Chart 1

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) is evolving against this background. Initially, it caught CIOs’ attention because it helped them cut costs. Today, IaaS underpins organizations’ agility in the face of disruption and drives innovation-led growth.

Oracle’s second IaaS Pulse Survey shows continued growth in the adoption of IaaS, as well as an increase in positive attitudes to the technology. These are driven by the growing maturity of existing cloud deployments and the new generation of services coming to market. In the three months since the first Pulse Survey, companies have become convinced that IaaS is an integral part of a progressive IT strategy. Meanwhile, experienced IaaS users are seeing the cumulative benefit of their investments.

The research reveals a strong message: businesses are flocking to IaaS, and non-adopters will rapidly find themselves falling behind.

  • Over two-thirds see enterprise-wide IaaS as fundamental to progressive cloud strategies—up 8 percent in the past three months
  • Seven in ten say that IaaS lets organizations be more innovative—an increase of 10 percent since the last Pulse Survey
  • The impact of the IaaS skills shortage is growing
  • Security is the biggest issue for businesses migrating to IaaS

The Pulse Survey was conducted in July and August 2017 and captured the views of 1,600 senior IT decision-makers in businesses based in the UK, Germany, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore and South Korea.

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