Project Integration Framework

Streamlining the development of scalable integrations

Introducing a platform that streamlines the development of scalable integrations and enables the free flow of data between applications.

Modern organizations often use large, complex technology solution stacks to help them plan, build, and operate the built world, which requires managing numerous moving parts and significant amounts of data. This is where Oracle’s Project Integration Framework can help.

Our Project Integration Framework enables and streamlines integrations, not only between Oracle solutions but also with a growing list of third-party tools. It empowers you to embrace an integrated footprint by delivering faster time to integration, increased productivity, and lower total cost of ownership.

What is Oracle’s Project Integration Framework?

Project Integration Framework is a lightweight platform that makes integration development simple, allowing you to configure integrations without code through an easy-to-use, highly intuitive interface.

Available on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure as a multitenant SaaS application, Project Integration Framework allows for

  • Instant SaaS provisioning
  • Rapid interface configuration
  • Ongoing interface managed services
  • The ability to update, duplicate, and expand interfaces

Common uses for Project Integration Framework

While streamlining integration is the platform’s core functionality, there are many other use cases. Here are some of the ways you can use Project Integration Framework to embrace a streamlined footprint.


Use the platform to streamline and accelerate integrations between Oracle and third-party applications.

Data consolidation

Project Integration Framework can assist with the migration or archiving of data between source files or applications.


As a centralized hub for project data, the database can be connected to a reporting platform.

Top features of Project Integration Framework

Intuitive user interface

The platform’s easy-to-use interface runs in a web browser and employs concepts and terminology familiar to application users.

Easily connect to new applications; add, modify, clone, or delete interfaces; schedule or manually run interfaces; and review integration statistics directly in the tool.

Built-in adapters

The platform has more than 40 built-in adapters, including Oracle and third-party tools, that accelerate integrations.

Simple integration setup

As Project Integration Framework is based on configuration, not coding, the development experience is simple. Integration developers aren’t required to create integration code manually; they simply configure it using forms with drop-down fields. Integrations can be configured faster, easily updated, and deployed to production environments quickly.

Integrations are configured via the creation of interface steps. Steps are created by completing forms and drop-down fields to assist with the mapping of data elements between the target and source systems.

Data transformation

Project Integration Framework enables the automation of data transformation and mapping and the filtering of data and business rules through Structured Query Language. Integrations can use lookup tables for automatic value mappings between the systems. The platform can also filter and apply data transformation logic.

Built-in scheduler

Integrations can run on demand or at a predetermined time using the built-in scheduler.

Detailed error handling

Integration error handling can be a challenge for organizations. To make it easier, Project Integration Framework has detailed error-handling capabilities with a built-in monitoring system that sends status notifications. This enables you to know exactly when an error has occurred, drill down into error messages, and perform a root cause analysis.

Administrators are notified if an interface fails and can dig deeper into the reason for the failed integration directly within the tool.

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Streamlining the development of scalable integrations

Project Integration Framework enables and streamlines integrations, not only between Oracle solutions but also with a growing list of third-party tools.

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