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Product Tour—Oracle Content Management as an experience platform

The content management solution that supports every experience

Universal Asset Hub

Create a universal asset hub to create, manage, and share content across your entire company. Oracle’s universal asset hub is a centralized solution that helps you leverage content across teams and create a strong, consistent brand voice, both internally and externally.

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Smart classification and personalization

Find the content you need when you need it—without the need for manual tagging and classification. Streamline the content discovery process with AI-enabled classification capabilities that analyze content and make smart recommendations to personalize experiences.

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Business user friendly

Anyone with the proper permissions can build a website using Oracle Content Management. There is no need for any proprietary tools, code, or software.

Improve team efficiency with a user interface that is graphical, intuitive, and friendly.

Publish content across all marketing channels

Easily locate and publish content across all your email and marketing automation channels using enterprise-level publishing workflows. As you design responsive emails, forms, interviews, and landing pages for your campaigns, insert published assets from Oracle Content Management.

Multi-site and multi-language governance

Oracle Content Management's governance helps business users create sites that conform to company policy while giving IT an easy way to control and track experiences from a centralized location.

You can also leverage site translations for targeted, multilingual experiences.

A true integrated, omnichannel content solution

Integrate Oracle Content Management with many Oracle applications and services, as well as third-party applications, including Google Drive, Microsoft SharePoint, Dropbox, YouTube, and more.

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