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Oracle DIVA Content Storage Management

Simplify CSM Complexity
Put Your Content to Work for You

Oracle DIVA creates a cohesive content storage management solution that ensures smart storage and easy access to assets.

Why Oracle DIVA?

You can see the potential. Within the vast libraries and big data warehouses lie opportunities to tell stories that bring smiles and tears, create virtual time capsules that can be opened again and again, and bring content out of retirement. But realizing the potential is not trivial. Preserving and repurposing all that data requires operators who are up to speed on new editing software and distribution requirements. Your content storage management solution needs to encode multiple types of file formats developed over decades to capture still images, audio in all its forms, and video. That solution is DIVA Content Storage Management.

Media and Entertainment

Media Is Entertainment
Media Is Entertainment

Just as media is radically changing, so are the workflows associated with migrating, managing, and marketing content. The consequence? Your content can be monetized in more ways than ever. DIVA Content Storage Management adapts to your changing workflows, inspires your teams to do their best work, scales with new technology demands, and supports business growth.

Law Enforcement

Video and Audio Evidence Is Transforming Policing
Video and Audio Evidence Is Transforming Policing

The police officer is the single most important element in law enforcement. DIVA Content Storage Management equips these men and women with the technologies that help them be more effective and safe in the field.

Intelligence Community

Active Archives Support Mission Success
Active Archives Support Mission Success

The intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) community worldwide is transforming how it collects, stores and uses data. Finding the actionable information—the intelligence—in all that data is mission-critical. An active archive is your best weapon, one that gives you vital storage capacity and control.


When Perfection Is the Only Option
When Perfection Is the Only Option

Whether preserving the written word, photographs, video of history in the making, or copyrighted film and audio recordings, it’s absolutely vital that the archived content is exactly the same as it was when created. A secure active archive is the best solution.

Sports and Entertainment

Creating and Recreating Unforgettable Experiences
Creating and Recreating Unforgettable Experiences

Production teams working behind the scenes at sporting events face the same kind of workflow challenges that you expect with telecasts. Content quality is critical. Pre-game production—retrieving, producing, metadata collection, and annotation—needs to happen in a timely, cost-effective fashion. Video captured live needs to be ready to be repurposed, because that’s where its value really exists.

Corporate Enterprise

Video Is One of Your Most Valuable Assets
Video Is One of Your Most Valuable Assets

Most enterprises aren’t sure where their existing content is. And managing hundreds—if not thousands—of video assets for internal and external consumption, over myriad playout platforms, requires skills and tools absent from most enterprise resources. Protecting intellectual property and controlling global distribution with sensitivity to regional preferences is essential to growing the business in every part of the world.

Oracle DIVA Product Family

  • Oracle DIVArchive

    Revolutionizes digital archiving solutions with digital asset storage, access, management, and production workflow.

  • Oracle DIVAnet

    Provides “site awareness” for any number of fully independent DIVArchive systems connected through a private wide-area network (WAN).

  • Oracle DIVAdirector

    Browser-based media asset management (MAM) tool that connects to DIVArchive and DIVA Cloud Service.

  • Oracle DIVA on Oracle Cloud

    Integrated cloud storage solution for managing assets on a global scale, from any device and any networked location.

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