Name of Product: Oracle Social Network

Last Updated: 20-May-2015

This VPAT applies to only version 11.1.10.x. It does not apply to any versions of Oracle Social Network after this.
This VPAT has been superseded by Oracle Social Network

Oracle Social Network is a secure enterprise collaboration and social networking solution for business. Oracle Social Network facilitates real-time collaboration between individuals and teams within and across enterprises with a broad range of social tools that seamlessly integrate business processes, activities, and enterprise applications such as Fusion CRM and Fusion HCM. With Oracle Social Network, users are able to stay informed of business activities and drive productivity with purposeful social networking. Oracle Social Network is only available within the Oracle Cloud.

The Oracle Social Network offers the following user interfaces:

  • Oracle Social Network Web Client
  • Oracle Social Network Mobile Clients (for iOS and for Android)
  • Oracle Social Network Desktop Client (for Windows and for MacOS)
  • Oracle Social Network Add-in for Outlook
  • Oracle Social Network Social Bar (integrated in Oracle Fusion Applications, for example)
  • Oracle Social Network Administration Console (the web-based administration client)


This VPAT does not cover the following product areas:
  • The Oracle Social Network browser-based Web Client
  • The Oracle Social Network Mobile Clients (iOS and Android)
  • The Oracle Social Network Desktop Client for MacOS
  • The Oracle Social Network Developer Site
  • For users who have the Oracle Social Network daily digest and notifications sent via e-mail, the links to Conversations will open in the Oracle Social Network web client. In order to access these Conversations, users must use the Oracle Social Network Add-in for Outlook or the Oracle Social Network Desktop Client and "Search" to find the Conversation by name.


For the Oracle Social Network Add-in for Outlook client to be accessible:

  1. The assistive technology package must allow for the reading of tooltips. It is recommended to set the preference for the verbosity level to read tooltips.
  2. Set the message display to compact view in the Outlook Add-in by doing the following:
  • Open the Settings menu at the bottom of the add-in panel.
  • Select Manage and then select Display Messages in Full View.

The Oracle Social Network Help Center provides additional information on how to make the Outlook client accessible.

Oracle Social Network Administration Console provides accessibility modes for screen reader, high contrast colors and large fonts that can be set from the "Accessibility" dialog in the product.

No configuration changes are required to make either the Oracle Social Network Desktop Client or the Social Bar clients accessible.


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Dependent Products

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