Enloc Energy cuts infrastructure costs by 30% with Oracle Cloud

Using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Enloc Energy expects lower carbon emissions, reduced capital investments, and more responsive performance.


With our new cloud-based business model, we were able to very quickly corner a niche in the tough energy market. With Oracle Cloud we can offer energy and services—from contracting to invoicing—more flexibly and economically than the big, established suppliers. In the meantime, even our competitors are using our IT solutions and services.

Ilin DobrewManaging Director, Enloc Energy GmbH

Business challenges

Enloc Energy GmbH has been serving the real estate and energy industries since 2009 with electricity, gas, and heat, as well as providing IT and consulting services. The company’s customers demand secure and almost effortless delivery of power, as well as know-how in optimizing processes and cutting costs.

To challenge the market power of established competitors, the company had to offer its products and services more reliably and at a better price than the big energy providers. For this reason, the company developed IT solutions that were initially hosted in a conventional data center. However, the limited flexibility and inadequate scalability of this infrastructure was an obstacle to Enloc Energy’s growth and development. Enloc Energy decided to migrate its business to the cloud.

In an industry which to date has largely relied on locally hosted applications, Enloc Energy’s decision made it a pioneer. It was of strategic importance to the company to find a partner who could provide the necessary infrastructure with the required stability and flexibility on attractive terms.

Why Enloc Energy chose Oracle

Enloc Energy selected Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) after reviewing all of the suitable cloud offerings from major cloud providers. “In terms of functionality, flexibility, and performance, Oracle Cloud far outdid every other provider. In addition, the costs are significantly lower than those of the competitors. Oracle is the ideal partner for us,” says Ilin Dobrew, Enloc Energy GmbH managing director.


“Compared with the services we used in a stationary data center, with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure we have cut our costs by almost 30%,” says Dobrew. OCI also delivers Enloc Energy precisely the performance it requires at any time, making it faster and more responsive than competitors. “Last but not least, by having Oracle as an internationally recognized partner, we immediately earn a high level of trust with potential new customers,” says Dobrew. “Overall, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offers us significantly better performance at noticeably lower costs.”

The company works in a fully digital environment and does not use any paper in the office. Dobrew estimates that using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) can cut more than 80% of the company’s energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, because it’s not running servers around the clock, and instead only when needed. In addition to energy savings and lower emissions, Enloc Energy doesn’t need to make any capital investments in computing infrastructure, which represents an important competitive advantage.

The energy provider migrated its entire IT environment to the cloud. The virtually unlimited capacity and use-based pricing of OCI allow Enloc Energy to provide more flexible and more affordable offers than established utility companies have been able to offer.

With OCI, the company can quickly duplicate IT solutions developed for the utility’s own needs, such as for invoicing energy supplies, and modify them to meet the needs of other energy suppliers. This means that Enloc Energy can set up fully functional systems within only four weeks and operate them for other energy suppliers.

OCI helps the company deliver services far more reliably than before, compared with applications hosted on premises that would go down for several hours once or twice a year.

Publicate:March 19, 2021