Ria Money Transfer automates HR with Oracle Cloud

The global provider of money transfer services is speeding human resources processes and gaining valuable insights by using Oracle HCM.


We liked Oracle because it has worldwide deployment, it is not just a local or regional solution, and it is very flexible.

Carmen Cerdán FizChief HR Officer, Ria Money Transfer

Business challenges

As a leader in the remittances industry, Ria Money Transfer is committed to helping businesses and individuals thrive through the safe and effective transfer of funds. Ria counts with a network of more than 402,000 locations spanning 160 countries and is available online at www.riamoneytransfer.com.

With offices and hubs in 32 countries, Ria employs 4,500 people worldwide. To cater to the needs at each of these offices, Ria needed a holistic tool that could help process payroll, track employee turnover and retention, as well as help recruit and onboard new employees, regardless of language or location.

Why Ria Money Transfer chose Oracle

Ria Money Transfer turned to Oracle Cloud HCM to integrate and automate its HR processes across its operations worldwide. Ria was drawn to the Oracle application suite’s ability to integrate with the company’s non-Oracle apps without sacrificing security or privacy. Ria also liked the fact that it can enhance the functionality of each app with new plug-ins or complementary modules.

“Our goal is to automate all processes, collect all information in a database, and transmit it seamlessly,” says Carmen Cerdán Fiz, Ria Money Transfer’s Madrid-based chief HR officer. “Oracle lets us do all of that.”


With Oracle Cloud HCM, Ria Money Transfer has streamlined all of its HR processes, from recruiting and onboarding to payroll and reporting. For example, using Oracle Compensation Cloud, Ria has cut the payroll-approval process from four days to two hours and just a few clicks. Oracle Recruiting Cloud captures applicant data automatically and manages the entire hiring process.

Now, Ria is also able to gather and analyze different kinds of data on employees worldwide, providing valuable insights that improve decision-making. In one case, Oracle Cloud HCM revealed that high turnover in Malaysia was in one specific location, and was not a countrywide problem, as company leaders had previously thought. “If we didn’t have that data, we might have gotten the wrong idea and made the wrong decision,” says CHRO Carmen Cerdán Fiz. “Oracle gives us visibility to make better decisions and gives us greater credibility with the business.”

Publicate:May 20, 2020