Brazil’s Stix creates a loyalty ecosystem with Oracle Cloud

Using Oracle Advertising and Customer Experience applications, two major Brazilian companies launch a new loyalty program and expand quickly.


We have very high system availability amid a volume of transactions, accumulation, and redemption that has grown day by day. The Oracle system is very robust, very stable.

Eduardo LeonidasCEO, Stix

Business challenges

Stix was born with a goal to revolutionize the loyalty market. Created as an ecosystem of loyalty programs by two leading Brazilian retailers, supermarket group GPA and drugstore chain Raia Drogasil (RD), the program lets shoppers earn reward points—stix—through a single account at stores including Drogasil, Droga Raia, Extra, Pão de Açúca, and Sugarloaf. Stix plans to expand the ecosystem to other major retail brands.

Creating something new in the Brazilian market is challenging in itself, but Stix had to get off the ground during the global pandemic. The company was created with the entire team and partners working remotely with two dates in mind: the start of operations in June 2020, and the official launch of the Stix brand to the public in October 2020. The Stix team faced a daunting volume of potential customers upon launching—around 20 million in GPA loyalty programs and 40 million in Raia Drogasil’s. To access the ecosystem, customers can either download the Stix app on their phone or use one of the partners' apps.

With the prospect of receiving a large number of customers in a short time, the Stix team needed cloud solutions that would handle an enormous volume of consumers arriving in the first months of operation.

In a high-complexity project involving several companies and state-of-the-art technology, the surprise was to be able to work in coordination with Oracle and the other teams and ensure an implementation within the deadline we had established.

Eduardo LeonidasCEO, Stix

Why Stix Fidelidade Chose Oracle

Stix chose Oracle CrowdTwist Loyalty and Engagement and Oracle Responsys Campaign Management, which are part of Oracle’s suite of customer experience solutions, as well as Oracle Service. Stix evaluated market alternatives, but saw Oracle as the most  digital, scalable, and secure solution.

“We needed a solution that could meet the requirements of not only being a good product, but one that would also allow us to integrate quite easily," says Stix CEO Eduardo Leonidas.

The decision also considered Oracle’s track record of partnership with other large companies, providing them modern, cloud-based, and scalable customer management and data analysis services.


Stix uses Oracle CrowdTwist Loyalty and Engagement to aggregate customer information, balances, and accumulation and redemption transactions, as if it were a checking account. Leonidas considers Oracle's solution the heart of Stix's ecosystem, as everything connects to it.

Stix had no problems with the solutions during the launch, despite the speed of customer adoption. The company maintained high system availability, as expected, even with an increasing volume of transactions and redemptions.

“Six months after the launch, we had more than one and a half million customers, highly engaged, accumulating and exchanging stix for prizes,” Leonidas says.

Oracle Responsys Campaign Management has been responsible for bringing intelligence to data analysis and communication with consumers. “Through customized communications, we can reach our base in a way that often involves a more emotional moment, such as an anniversary, or using what we learn about our relationship with the customer to bring him an award that is of greater interest,” says Leonidas.

With the goal of using Oracle's increasingly automated cloud solutions, Leonidas believes that this will be a long-term partnership, thanks to cloud services that are at the forefront of technology and that help Stix to put customer first.

Publicate:May 25, 2021