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Oracle Virtual Summit:
Deliver Remarkable Experiences
with Connected Field Service

7 April 2022 | Original broadcast

Deliver Remarkable Experiences with Connected Field Service

Deliver Remarkable Experiences with Connected Field Service – Full Show (1:00:09)

By taking a proactive approach to field service, you can empower your customers with self-service tools to schedule service when and where they want, equip your field reps with the ability to share knowledge and workflows with colleagues, and ensure your entire business piece of mind by connecting necessary parts with on-site delivery. See what’s in store for companies that evolve their field service organization with Oracle Field Service.

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Drive service success by prioritizing your customers and employees (9:59)

See how best-in-class service teams are measuring the successes and metrics of their field service experiences beyond traditional Net Promoter Scores (NPS) and employee churn. By implementing new customer experience (CX) and employee experience (EX) KPIs, they can track leading indicators of performance that help drive future success.

Improve field service experiences with service scheduling and updates (11:18)

Give your customers control of and visibility into their service scheduling, as well as the ability to reschedule, cancel, or update activities with ease. When the unexpected happens, quickly respond, repair, and restore service without disrupting other customers’ service activities. In this segment, we’ll show you how to become a customer service hero.

Equip your employees with the CX tools they need to succeed (16:03)

Your employees, if given the opportunity, have the power to deliver exceptional customer experiences. See how your teams can benefit from guided workflows in service activities and learn how to implement them across your business. Give your team real-time, knowledge-sharing tools, locate parts when and where they’re needed, and finish jobs right, the first time. Finally, give your mobile workers the right tools to complete transactions onsite and drive growth in your business.

Demo: Manage assets from anywhere with Connected Field Service (8:57)

Field service tools can digitally engage your customers, from the initial chat, to scheduling, to tracking the actual technician on their way. Your technicians can also leverage guided workflows and collaborate with fellow reps for remote support. See how Oracle Field Service makes this happen in this product tour.

The best practices in building a Field Service Center of Excellence (6:44)

Establishing a culture and process of continued innovation in service delivery can enable you to exceed customer and employee experience goals. Learn best practices and how to get started from the leader of Oracle’s Field Service Center of Excellence.

Partner Perspectives

Accenture and Oracle Field Service look to elevate employee and CX (5:28)

What impact can connected field service have on both customer and employee experiences? Rhianna Albert, North America CX Service Lead at Accenture, discusses how she envisions properly handling big transformation projects, ensuring digital touchpoints in the service process, and managing innovative as-a-service motions. See how Oracle and Accenture can work together to help you with your business initiatives.

Oracle Service and eVerge: What we're seeing in the service economy (8:04)

Listen to Chief Technology Officer of eVerge, a consulting firm who partners with Oracle Field Service, share the main shifts that his organization is seeing in business. This includes shifts to a proactive service model, to supporting the employee experience, and to generating more revenue from service experiences. See how Oracle and eVerge can help you better understand and meet your customers' business goals.

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