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Advertising and CX innovations

Learn about the latest innovations that can help you deliver a unified experience for sales, service, marketing, and advertising. Here you’ll find videos, demos, and blogs that highlight the newest capabilities and key features in Oracle Advertising and Customer Experience (CX). Check back each quarter to see what’s new and how the latest innovations can help you make every customer interaction matter.

See Larry Ellison unveil new innovations in B2B marketing.

Explore the latest innovations for Advertising and CX

Future of CRM: Engineering Better Experiences
New innovations: September 2021

The Future of CRM: Engineering Better Experiences

Learn how the future of CRM erases the boundary between marketing and sales to help marketers execute campaigns that generate highly qualified opportunities.

New innovations: May 2021, Creating relevant customer experiences
May 2021

Creating relevant customer experiences

Realize the full power of AI and machine learning with data, intelligence, and applications that work together to help you make every customer interaction matter.

See the May 2021 innovations
February 2021: B2B Sales, B2B Service, and loyalty experiences
February 2021

B2B Sales, B2B Service, and loyalty experiences

Learn how we power next-generation B2B selling and service experiences, provide advanced intelligence for B2B marketing, and support enhanced customer loyalty and engagement.

See the February 2021 innovations

Advertising and CX demo library

Introducing Fusion Marketing (7:05)

See how Oracle Fusion Marketing automates lead generation and qualification and helps marketers send the highest quality leads to sales.

New content authoring, publishing, and delivery capabilities (4:11)

See how new wizards and an intuitive interface make it easy to create a new content article, schedule it for future publishing, and manage its metadata.

Intelligent marketing capabilities to personalize interactions (3:39)

Learn how we use AI to adapt to customer behaviors in real time with highly relevant customer offers and intelligent product recommendations.

Relevant customer experiences through a customer’s eyes (3:12)

Focused on a customer perspective, this demo shows how data informs a relevant, attractive subscription offer.

Proactive service that delights (2:18)

See how you can monitor IoT-enabled solutions and intelligently route field service teams, all while enabling field technicians with effective tools and knowledge.

New B2B selling experience (7:18)

View a demo of the new B2B selling experience within Oracle Sales to learn how you can empower you sales force to sell better.

New B2B service experience (4:40)

See how the new B2B service experience can improve agent onboarding, productivity and customer self-service through AI and automation.

Customer perspective

Aon drives digital transformation across their sales team

Like many B2B companies, Aon is transitioning their marketing and sales teams to be more digitally enabled. Both teams need more from their CRM. See how Oracle solutions are helping Aon become digitally empowered and grow their business.

SEPTEMBER 21, 2021

A post-pandemic paradigm for marketers

Rob Tarkoff, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Oracle

Oracle Fusion Marketing provides the new paradigm we need: Automation at the task level, so that we can focus on strategy and creating great assets, while an AI-driven system ensures the right creative is going to the right audience in a timely fashion. The world of B2B buying is never going back to the way it was before, and neither should B2B marketing.

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