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Oracle B2C Marketing

Foster lifetime customer loyalty with sophisticated yet efficient B2C marketing campaigns scaled to meet the needs of your business. Oracle B2C Marketing solutions help you collect and augment your data across the customer journey and apply that intelligence to deliver relevant, real-time experiences for each person.

Discover Oracle B2C Marketing in this product tour.

Explore Oracle B2C Marketing

Responsys campaign management

Create, deploy, manage, and analyze B2C marketing campaigns and programs across a range of channels—all without code, complex technical training, or reliance on other experts.

Email marketing

Easily and efficiently produce inspiring and personalized email messages simply and efficiently so that every customer is treated as an individual. Scale without sacrificing customer preferences.

Targeting and segmentation

Connect and activate data from multiple sources to define segments that improve customer engagement. Continuously measure the performance of those key segments to ensure each message is appropriate and relevant.

Cross-channel experience

Make sure your brand voice remains unified across all touchpoints and channels—email, SMS, mobile, push, web push, and social.

Testing and optimization

Improve campaign performance with easy-to-use A/B and multivariate testing. Choose the best testing methodology to fit your unique needs, regardless of the outcomes you wish to track.


Quickly and easily determine how campaigns, programs, and messages perform across different segments, channels, and devices.


Connect your customer loyalty program to your technology stack. Drive engagement and loyalty across all customer touchpoints.

Maxymiser personalization and testing

Remove guesswork and use data to make decisions that improve your websites and mobile apps. Create connected customer experiences with an easy-to-use set of tools for testing and personalization.

Targeting and testing

Discover what works and what converts with tools to run A/B or complex multivariate testing.

Personalization and recommendations

Build complete customer profiles, using data from any source, that support more precise online targeting, personalization, and recommendations.

Predictive insights

Uncover relevant customer data to deliver personalized messaging that converts to real revenue.

Mobile app optimization

Drive personalization and mobile engagement by quickly building and deploying tests that can optimize and align your customers’ mobile app experiences.

Infinity digital analytics and data streaming

Harness big data to deliver actionable customer intelligence at scale. Track, collect, and process data in real time to measure and optimize the performance of and visitor behavior on your websites and mobile apps.

Data collection

Gather large volumes of digital activity data, quickly and securely, across all your websites and apps.

Data management

Build a variety of unique profiles to gain deeper levels of insight from your data.

Data reporting

Select from a library of prebuilt reports or build your own custom reports to turn seemingly incongruent data into valuable insights.

Data activation

Connect your real-time data to every part of the customer journey to create opportunities to automatically trigger customer interactions.

BlueKai data management platform (DMP)

Use specific buyer interests and actionable information to create key target audiences, which can then be used to create personalized online, offline, and mobile marketing campaigns.

Cross-device campaigns

Define exactly who you want to analyze and target, so you can better visualize and plan cross-device campaigns.

ID graph

Make disparate data actionable. Unite a variety of data sources to form unique customer profiles and personalize your marketing programs.

Media and data ecosystem

Use our proprietary integrations and published APIs to move your data across owned, partnered, and licensed technologies.

CrowdTwist customer loyalty and engagement

Increase purchase frequency and deepen customer relationships through personalized customer loyalty and reward programs.

Customer engagement

Build customer profiles that capture data at every customer engagement touchpoint and then use them to personalize interactions and offerings.

Customized program design

Build loyalty programs around your brand’s unique objectives that target your most loyal customers with our flexible SaaS platform.

Segmentation, tier levels, and personalization

Refine targeted customer segments, personalize loyalty campaigns, and offer relevant rewards and benefits that drive continued engagement and spend.

Rewards management

Drive continued purchasing and engagement using a flexible toolset to design a specific reward strategy unique to your brand.

Reporting and analytics

Analyze your loyalty program’s effectiveness, engagement behavior, and member spend using our self-service analytics tool.

CX Audience customer segmentation and targeting

Simplify data management for marketers. Connect data from multiple sources to build precise segments to target the right customers. Prebuilt analytics let you analyze audience performance, evaluate campaign objectives, and improve engagement.

Audience designer

Access the specific customer data you need without running complex SQL queries. Then use our drag-and-drop tools to easily activate your customer data to build segments and personalize each message.

Waterfall segmentation

Overcome conflicts between offers by setting priorities within your audiences. If a list member meets multiple criteria, prioritize offers accordingly and ensure each individual receives the best experience.

Data enrichment and management

Tap into Oracle’s expansive third-party dataset and begin personalizing experiences for consumers with smaller digital footprints.

Audience analysis

Gain insight into your campaign by analyzing audience performance through a selection of actionable analytics. Leverage insights to understand more before you launch and to discover what drives campaign results after you deploy.

Content management

With the power of AI, personalize and connect content at scale to deliver consistent customer experiences across all your applications and channels.

Content and recommendations

Author and assemble the right content to build highly personalized customer experiences leveraging AI and machine learning.

Advanced video support

Create and manage videos that grab customers’ attention and keep them engaged. Video tagging, collaboration, and an easy publishing process make the process simple.

Omnichannel delivery

Put content in the right place and make it available whenever and wherever customers want to interact with your brand.

Collaboration and workflow

Work within and across teams using the productivity tools each team finds most comfortable.

Flexible integrations and scalability

Create, enhance, and add content from popular applications through integrations that support CX Content’s smart authoring and digital asset management.

Oracle Unity—customer intelligence platform

Move beyond a customer data platform (CDP) to a complete customer intelligence platform. With built-in AI and machine learning, Oracle Unity connects data to create a single, dynamic profile of each customer and activates those profiles in real time.

Unified customer profile

Bring your front- and back-office data together into a single, 360-degree customer profile that updates in real time.

Profile enrichment

Enrich the first-party data in your customer profiles with smart data. Calculate key indicators and add attributes from second- and third-party data sources.


Better understand customer intent and target relevant messaging to specific groups using intelligent segmentation.

Customer engagement measurements

Measure customer engagement, using AI and machine learning, to improve customer lifetime value. Predict, model, and recommend the best experience for your campaigns.

Personalized experiences

Use actionable intelligence to orchestrate the best experience for every individual and maintain context across their journey. Oracle Unity integrates seamlessly into other customer experience (CX) applications for a faster time to value.

View more customer successes

B2C Marketing customer successes

See how Oracle B2C Marketing meets customer needs and delivers unique digital selling experiences across channels, in support of different campaigns, and across many industries.

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Hunter Douglas logo logo creates highly personalized, dynamic experiences to help customers find their dream home.

Key benefits

  • Offer relevant and consistent customer experiences

    Deliver intelligent customer experiences that are consistent across channels, relevant, and adapt quickly to customers’ changing mindsets and needs.

  • Deliver personalized campaigns at scale

    Collect data from more channels, apply intelligence at scale, and use insights from a unified customer view to deliver personalized experiences with each campaign.

  • Improve marketing efficiency, conversion, and ROI

    Automate campaign delivery and leverage real-time behavioral data to adapt campaigns in real time and boost conversions and revenue.

  • Maximize your resources

    Effectively execute simple or sophisticated marketing campaigns with ease. Intuitive tools with advanced capabilities help you maximize the output of available resources.

Key benefits
Thought Leadership

Path to CX Excellence for B2C Marketers

Shawn Myers, Director, Product Marketing, Oracle Cloud CX Applications

Brands are thinking differently about their customers’ experiences. Learn more about the four phases of B2C marketing—from automated marketing with no messaging differentiation to marketing that “goes beyond,” reducing churn and maximizing customer lifetime value (CLV).

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CX Marketing release readiness

CX Marketing release readiness

Get up to speed on the latest release of Responsys and B2C Marketing Campaign Management and ensure that your upgrade is successful. Review the latest features, including capability overviews, business benefits, setup considerations, and usage tips.

Documentation library

B2C marketing maturity ebook

Understand the path your organization may want to take to improve their B2C marketing campaign efforts.

Cloud learning

Develop your B2C Marketing skills

Topliners community

Part of the Oracle community, Topliners is a content-rich, engaging, and interactive space to share information, questions, and comments about Oracle Responsys and other CX Marketing products.

Additional information

Cloud learning

Develop your B2C Marketing skills

Oracle University provides learning solutions to help build cloud skills, validate expertise, and accelerate adoption. Learn more about training and certification you can rely on to ensure your organization's success.

Responsys Help Center

Responsys Help Center

The Responsys Help Center provides you with product documentation and videos to help you become successful with B2C marketing campaign management. Learn about what’s new, user basics, and how to get started.

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